WLB Week 9

Before Weigh In

For those of you who follow my blog, just for weight loss, you would’ve noticed I didn’t post last week. Sozzles, guys – I was super busy! I managed to weigh myself last week and I managed to stay the same. Phew! I tend to eat particularly badly when I am running around like a loon, so I was quite chuffed with that result.

This week has been good thus far. I bought all my food for the week and I have been taking my own lunch into work, in the form of Quorn Lunch Pots. They’re only 285 calories a pop and really filling. My Fitbit diet says I should be eating around 954 to 1054 calories a day, so I find that lunch doesn’t really ‘eat’ up all my calorie intake as well. I’m really happy I’ve found this as a little solution. And it’s cheap!

Breakfast is an ongoing battle and Wednesday morning, I tried porridge. It’s really not my cup of tea; I don’t eat things that have a weird texture (like mash – I hate mash!) and I really really struggled with porridge. I’m hoping I’ll find a flavour that distracts me from the feeling of vomit in my mouth. Instead, I’ve been eating sausage sandwiches for breakfast (without butter and sauce) – but I do want to find a less-calorific option. Maybe an egg on toast before work or something.

Exercise is still a massive struggle, with trying to fit it into my busy life. I need to go and buy a new swimming costume, as my one has gone transparent and I want to still swim a mile a day. I don’t fancy bearing all ever in a swimming pool. Fitbit is making me walk more and I’ve been trying to reach my 10K steps a day, although it’s been a struggle even getting that far when you’re sitting on your bum, replying to emails or making phone calls all day… I’ve found myself walking laps around the living room when I get home, just to push my numbers up!

Fitbit says I will be at my ideal weight by 8th July this year if I keep going as I’m going. I think that’s crap. I want to be my ideal weight by May, if not June at the very latest, reaching half my goal of 2stone by the end of April! I’m going to have to step it up a bit if I want to reach any sort of goal. I hope I have lost this week to kickstart some more motivation, even if it’s just 0.5lbs…

After Weigh In

This week, I put on 1lb. I am pretty gutted with that, but I think I really have to start exercising along with my diet. With 5 weeks left until holiday, I really have to get my brain into gear and get my arse moving!!

Obstacles for This Week:

  1. Pizza night with Marie on Thursday. I’m going to order the lamest pizza ever, on a thin base and switch my cheese to low fat cheese.
  2. Murdock’s birthday in the pub on Saturday. And there’s a buffet. But I am working all weekend, so I probably won’t drink a whole bunch of booze and thus, partake in drunken eating. (Don’t pretend like you don’t know what that is, we all do it!)
  3. Working all day on Sunday. Yup. Another Sunday with a full day’s work. Must plan all my meals before then, so I won’t snack.

Things to Change for This Week:

I don’t actually think there’s much I can change for this week. Exercise always makes an appearance on this list, so I will buy a swimming costume and start with my mile a day! I’m also going to stick to preparing all of my meals for the week and see how I get on next week.

How’d you get on this week?


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