Outfit Of The Day: Spring Has Sprung!

Oooh, you lucky people get to read another one of my rambley posts! Ha. The first of March should indicate the start of Spring, and the weather has not disappointed us. I’ve just been out in the car and the temperature reached a tan-worthy 18 degrees! I hope it stays the same for the weekend – although I’m working all weekend anyway!

I actually dressed according to the weather today, and I’m quite proud of myself in doing so. I’m known for coming to work in T-shirts and thin jumpers when it’s about to snow and Uggs when the weather is mild, so I’m quite happy with myself. Also, I am NOT wearing black, which I think is a first for the last few months! Hooray, warmth and coloured clothes. Even if it is white.

Here’s the photo I took of myself this morning – standing on an unmade bed, as we don’t have a full length mirror…


I’m wearing my cardigan from Primark, which cost under £10. I thought I had one like this before, but I didn’t, and it’s very light and breezy 🙂 I actually can’t see where that 1lb has gone to (even in the stripes!!), so I’m going to disqualify this week’s weigh in…! Under that, I’m in a top I bought from H&M not too long ago but definitely at the end of last year, and I think that was under £10 too, but don’t quote me on that! It didn’t break the bank; let’s put it that way! On my bottoms, I have Top Shop leggings, at £12 a pair. I didn’t take a picture of my feet as I was standing on my bed, but I’m wearing my trusty Russell and Bromley brown boots that I got for Christmas and are lovely to walk in 🙂

On my face, I am not wearing foundation today as I had to go to a swimming pool and the humidity there just ruins any kind of effort! But I’m wearing flicky black eyeliner from Body Shop, Rimmel Day2Night mascara (in Day!) and my Glossy Box DuWop Venom Gloss in Buttercup. I also didn’t have time to do my hair this morning, but I dyed it last night and I don’t like to damage it all too much in one go anyway 🙂


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