Food Intolerances

You might be wondering why I am writing a post on my food intolerances and what is going on with my diet recently, but I believe the Internet is full of lovely people who may have experienced this type of thing before and might be willing to help – does that make me naive? You never know it might happen to you one day 🙂

As I’m sure you’ve read, if you’ve been following the weight loss part of my blog, I went to the doctor’s the other week and they managed to diagnose my symptoms with the general heading of being intolerant to certain foods. She couldn’t tell me what foods, and this was a massive cue for friends and family to pass on any knowledge that they already have about food intolerances in their past and present, and guessing what could be affecting me.

The only issue I’m having with this is I have to find out what they are, which is a very sickly process if you hit a wrong food! Everyone’s different, so it’s just a game of trial and error with what my bad foods are and what I don’t react to. I actually thought I’d figured all of my terrible triggers out (only five of them, thank goodness), but last night, I had a run in with wine and/or mushrooms (I hadn’t tried either of these out before) and now I’m feeling absolutely shattered, which is not ideal but it’s not a hugely massive problem.

This is the major problem. I am a particularly very fussy eater. Like big time. I only started eating prawns and fish that wasn’t from a fish and chip shop when I was at university, and I don’t eat many vegetables. I have only just tried Quorn, in order to aid my weight loss, but any type of meal is kind of limited for my tastebuds. So far, I have found that the veg that I do eat (onions, chili, garlic and now mushrooms), I have an intolerance for – what is up with that?!  – so I’m having to cut out a whole bunch of good stuff and vitamins along with some dairy (I can’t drink glasses of milk anymore, although I only ever drank skimmed milk anyway…) in my diet, and I’m worried this’ll have an impact on my weight loss journey, just because I won’t be able to eat as healthy as perhaps I was before these foods starting reacting negatively to my body.

Have you had to figure out an intolerance in your diet and how have you found it? Have you managed to find substitute foods for what your diet is lacking or are there any vitamins that you recommend I should be taking?

As always, every little bit of advice helps. And you do never know when it might happen to you or someone you know 🙂

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