Franno’s World #4

Hey everyone. What another busy week I’ve had! Nothing’s really happening with me, just a whole bunch of work!

You know when days merge into one long day? I think that depicts the feeling of last week. I’m really struggling to think what happened on Monday, but I’m having problems remembering exactly what happened. I know I went to Superdrug to pick up some bits and pieces, but then I went back to work…

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are much of the same. Isn’t it terrible that I can’t remember even a week ago?! Really crummy memory…

On Thursday night, I went out with Marie to the Hutton, which is a pub that the landlords we used to work for now own! It was good food – and wine! – but I actually discovered yet another food intolerance (either mushrooms or wine…) and I was sick all night and some of Friday morning. ROUGH. I’m hoping that that’s the last one now – and I’m hoping it’s not wine.

On Friday, I got to work late, as I was so tired from being up all night being sick. I decided that I wasn’t well enough to teach my part time job on Friday, and I’m glad I didn’t teach because I left work early and crashed out on the sofa on Friday afternoon. Jay took me out to dinner on Friday night to Mason’s at the Sugar Hut, which was nice and lovely – but I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so instead of going into the Sugar Hut for more drinks, we went home and I took my painkillers and fell asleep.

Saturday, I worked around Essex, fitting babies with nappies and I took more painkillers for not feeling well. Saturday night was Murdock’s birthday, and we all went to the pub. I didn’t get half as drunk as I would usually, because I had work on Sunday as well. All day on Sunday. Yay.

What a boring week, eh? Full of working and not much playing. I’ve substituted my overtime from last weekend into half a day off on Wednesday afternoon, so maybe I’ll have more to report on next week! Or I’ll just nap.


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