WLB Week 10

Hey guys! Can’t quite believe it’s been a week since my last weigh in, but here we are. I’ve actually been really good this week and started my mile a day swimming, to shift those extra pounds before holiday. I’ve not eaten particularly badly, as I haven’t been out to go eating and I’ve been knocking up 10,000 steps on my Fit Bit Ultra per day (by walking around my living room for hours at a time!), so I’ve been hoping for a weight loss for this week.

I weighed myself on Wednesday morning, as I had to drop Ozzy off to Mum’s, and I thought while I was there, I would just jump on the scales. I know you should weigh yourself at the same time everyday, because your body has a change of around 2lbs per day, and I usually weigh myself in the evening.

This week, I lost 1lb. I am chuffed, as it’s still a loss – granted, it’s not the biggest loss in the world, but it’s still in the right direction. I am hoping for more of a loss next week, when my metabolism has really and truly kicked in with all this exercise I’m doing. I find it difficult to be sad at a loss, no matter how small, so we’re still happy bunnies.

Obstacles for this week?

None, actually. I have most of my weekend to myself this week, with Jay going away to a wedding, so I’m actually going to get my bum into gear and get my house in order as well as exercise! I’m going to take Ozzy on super long walks to tire him out for when I’m busy as well.

Changes for this week?

Again, I don’t really want to change much for this week. I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve not been tracking my foods as well as I should be, so that’ll be a massive change for this week.

  1. Track more.
  2. Keep swimming/walking.
  3. Eat well.
  4. Drink lots of water.

How’d you get on this week?


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