Kony2012: My Thoughts

Bit of a controversial post this one but I figured I’d write my opinion on this, as everyone seems to have an opinion. I have decided not to publicise this particular post because I don’t like thrusting my views on people and I am not the most political person in the world, but if this helps to make a positive difference, I’m happy with that. I don’t have all the facts; this is just what I think about what I have seen so far, so please don’t be too negative with me 🙂

The Kony2012 video appeared on my timelines and news feeds at the beginning of the week and I held back until Thursday afternoon, when I was bored and had half an hour to spare to watch the whole thing. This was the version that I watched, but I know there are other versions floating about.

I watched it the whole way through without stopping and I think I learned a bit from the video. Afterwards, I started researching into all the negative responses regarding this video, referring to it as a scam and that the charity had spent all its raised funds on salaries and travel expenses, rather than putting it into the cause. I personally have not researched into the work Invisible Children have done as a charity and so I could not comment upon that.

Seeing as I can’t get out to Uganda and do something directly, I see no problem with raising this awareness for free by sharing the video, hashtagging #Kony2012 in a tweet or a Facebook status. That takes me 3 seconds out of my life and, hopefully, something positive will come out of it and all of what is claimed to be happening in Uganda will diminish to a point where these children can live their lives instead of being forced to partake in actions that they just don’t want to. I also e-signed the petition at the website mentioned in the video. That’s another 3 seconds out of my life, so 6 seconds in total.

I do not know about African politics or the particular intricacies of what is happening there, as it’s probably more complicated than it sounds, but if Rihanna or Mark Zuckerberg tweeting about it to make him famous will make an inch of a difference, I might make some sort of difference too. If you believe even the most tiniest bit of this video, share it with whoever you want. As the film maker says, ‘Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live’.

Have you watched the Kony2012 video? What do you think about it?


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