Sleek Brow Kit

I’m quite lucky that my eyebrows have always been a really nice shape. They’ve bent where they’ve needed to bend and been a tiny bit shorter than they should be, but not crazily noticeable. However I noticed the other day that my beautician has managed to wax a hole in my eyebrow and they are looking an awful lot shorter than they used to in my teenage days. PANIC STATIONS!!

I did have a HD brow set that was in a Glossy Box some time ago, but it seems to have been lost in The Move (or it’s in a box I am yet to unpack) and so off I popped to Superdrug to find some sort of cheaper solution. After browsing through all the stands, I ended up at the Sleek stand (I think I was drawn to the pout pots… again…) and looking at their brow kit. You can’t really try it on there and then, so I bought it for £7 and thought I’d give it a go. I bought it in dark (for I have dark hair… and it was the only shade left), but I’m sure they do fairer ones as well.

20120307-104042.jpgI haven’t really tried Sleek products before, but I’d heard lots of good things. The packaging was… erm… sleek and it was quite small for any sort of bag that I was carrying on the day. The palette comes with two sides (a wax and a powder), two applicators (a sponge and a slanted brush) and a tiny pair of tweezers for those little unruly hairs that sprout from absolutely no where onto your brow bone. Before reading the instructions, I grabbed the sponge applicator and dunked it in the powder, drawing it on my eyebrows.


Although I didn’t do a bad job, I tracked back and read I was meant to use the slanted brush with the wax first! Just the powder rubbed off pretty easily (as you can imagine with a powder), but the wax actually stays put all day and I didn’t have to redo the line once all day. Here’s my before and after:


So here are what my eyebrows are like with nothing on. Naked, if you will. The fluorescent klights are probably not helping this photo out either, to be honest – there isn’t that much of an obvious hole in my eyebrow!!

20120307-104104.jpgHere’s the same eyebrow after using my kit. I’ve found with this product that a little does go a long way and just look at how much more defined my eyebrow looks! I feel like my face is complete! I also feel like my eyes look bluer and nicer when I actually put my eyebrows on! Excuse the state of my face, it’s a swimming day, so no foundation! I also have a massive forehead in this picture… Stupid depth perception!


I actually do my eyebrows everyday now, and it has slotted nicely into my daily routine, with make up or without make up. I will be restocking on this item as soon as I hit pan (which will take me about 6 months, with the amount of product I use per time!). Do you fill in your eyebrows? Which product do you think is best?


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