Top Shop Nail Varnish

I love nail varnish. Seriously, I have a drawer dedicated to the stuff. The majority of my nail varnishes are Barry M because I think they’re cheap and cheerful and do what they are meant to do well. But, when we were out shopping on Saturday, Jay was buying things and I wasn’t. So we went into Top Shop so I could pick up some leggings and I impulsively bought some nail varnish when I was in the queue.

Metallic nail varnish is still fashionable and I think, for someone who lives in black clothing, it makes a really nice change from bright pink or bright blue, which I usually fashion. It’ll be interesting to see how it reacts in the swimming pool, but it’s the beginning of the week, so I don’t have to find out until… well, this evening when I do my mile swim!

20120312-150038.jpgI picked up “Heart of Gold” #106, as it looked quite pale for a golden nail varnish and other metallic nail varnishes look too yellow. Franno don’t do yellow, because it washes out my skin tone completely. I have to say I was really surprised with this nail varnish. Usually shops that branch into something slightly different than what they’re good at do a really rubbish job of product number 2, but the nail varnish was thick, creamy and I only needed one coat on all my nails for a full coverage. The brush was quite broad, which I don’t mind as I have broad fingernails, but would be annoying for those skinny nailed ladies out there. And the formula was also quick drying, so I didn’t have to wait around for too long.

I loved that this nail varnish was not massively reflective; I have the silver Foil Effects from Barry M, and I’m just not quite getting on with it yet! I will definitely be buying some more of Top Shop nail varnishes from now on to extend my collection, maybe I’ll have to get some pastel colours next…


Have you tried Top Shop nail varnishes yet? Which should be my next purchase??


4 thoughts on “Top Shop Nail Varnish

  1. I haven’t tried any of the Topshop polishes yet either, but you’ve definitely convinced me to try some! I’ve had my eye on a really pretty turquoise…!

    1. I really and truly recommend them – I definitely need some more of them in my collection. Turquoise seems to be the ‘in’ trend at the moment, so give it a go – you won’t be disappointed 🙂 x

      1. I love the huge range of colours that they’ve got so I’m super excited that they’re good quality too! Turquoise is one of my very favourite colours – second only to purple! – so I’ll probably be buying all of the shades. Maybe I’ll try ombré nails!
        Thanks lady 🙂 x

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