WLB Week 11

This week has flown by, because I have been so busy in my own little world, but here we are again and it’s that time of the week where I get butterflies in my stomach, take off every piece of jewellery I am wearing and step onto the scales.

I think I’ve been pretty good this week with tracking what I’m eating – and I’ve managed to stay in my calories per day almost every day this week. Hooray. I’m still drinking tonnes of water, but I’m not really noticing a difference with this yet. I am not missing butter in my sandwiches at all, but I still have a sneaky chocolate bar here and there. I can’t live without it 😦

I have started my swimming a mile per day but this got sidetracked before I even started. Well, I started on Monday and then on Tuesday, I had to take Ozzy to his puppy party and on Wednesday the centre was closed. Waaaah. But on Friday, I started up again, so I’ve just got to make up for lost time. I have increased my daily step target from 10,000 to 15,000 per day, in the hope that I’ll actually break 20,000 a day. I really enjoy walking, and I realised I didn’t really do much of it before I got my Fit Bit Ultra. Because I spend most of my time in the office, I am on my arse all day and I just didn’t really think about it. Now, I will walk back and forth to get my steps up and I’ve even started to park further away from the office. I have been walking around my living room in the morning before work to get to 3,000 steps before the day has even started! Honestly, I am obsessed!

I haven’t had any difficulties with my food intolerances this week – hooray! – so I think I’ve nailed that on the head. I am not drinking too much at the moment, as I want to save more money for my holiday in a month’s time and obviously vodka, lemonade and lime are empty calories that your body doesn’t really benefit from.

I have bought my own set of scales and I’ve decided to weigh myself every other day. Cue a whole bunch of people telling me that I should weigh myself at the same time, once a week. Yeah, I know. I’ve been doing that. But I’m quite interested to see how much my weight changes from day-to-day. I’m going to weigh myself every other day after I get up out of bed – so I haven’t stuffed anything into my mouth before I’ve started! I can then track it all on my Fit Bit and actually see when I’m going to be at my desired weight – when I weigh myself once a week, it isn’t really that accurate and it reckons I’m going to reach my weight by 15th July, adding on a day everyday that I don’t weigh myself!

So, how did I get on this week? Instead of waiting until this evening, I decided to weigh myself at work because my scales had arrived just in time for weigh in this week. I stood on them, after taking off my cardigan and watch, put the scales on the carpet in my office and the scales say that I have lost 8lbs.

I’m sorry, what?! 8lbs?! I love your optimism, New Scales, but I very much doubt this is the case. My clothes are still fitting me as they would be if I lost just a couple of lbs! However, I have been working hard this week, but I doubt it would’ve made that much of a difference. Mum also had a medical yesterday and the scales there said that she’d lost 4lbs this week! So maybe, Mum’s scales are broken over the past few weeks and I’ve really and truly lost 8lbs!

I’ve decided to publish this post perhaps a little prematurely, as I am still going to weigh myself on Mum’s scales and see what they say. But if 8lbs is closer to the truth, I am really and truly chuffed with myself.

Obstacles for this week?

  1. St Patrick’s Day drinking. Yup.
  2. Mother’s Day eating.

Changes for this week?

  1. Stick to new more optimistic scales!! Ha.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Walk more steps.
  4. Try to cut out more chocolate…

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