Buyapowa and my NEW Illamasqua Blush :)

Well, this is new – a post on a Sunday! Well, I wrote this on a Saturday, but it’s St Paddy’s night, so I don’t think anyone will read this, if they’re not already drunk! But anyways, hope you enjoy!

At the end of the month, I always get a little crazy with my spending. I don’t even know why because I only get paid from my part time job and I get more money from my full time job in the middle of the month, but I think it might have something to do with everyone else getting paid and me, jumping on the wagon (as usual!).

Enter If you aren’t on Twitter and haven’t seen all the tweets (and my Facebook shares!) about buyapowa, it’s kinda like one of those auctions where the price goes down. Apart from you’re not bidding. You ‘co-buy’. And, if friends/followers/your best friend’s dog buys the same product as you, you can even get the product you want for free. So long as you’re the top of the leader board.

So I thought I’d give it a go with an Illamasqua blush in the shade Promise. I have never tried Illamasqua before and I know it’s quite an expensive brand, so even if I get £2 off of it, it’s still some sort of saving. And I’m running out of my current blush, so it’s an investment anyway! I was referred by @milkteef, after clicking her buyapowa link on Twitter. After entering my card details (reluctantly), I sat and watched as I shared my link and people started buying. After 10 people had co-bought, the price went down by 12%, which is only £2, but that’s much better than nothing! I still wasn’t top of the leader board (sigh) but I still had managed to save from this usually expensive product. If you look through the previous co-buys, there are some amazing brands on there. And it’s not just for make up! When you sign up to their newsletter, you have the option of hearing about other types of products they ship out too! And I’ve recently seen a robot hoover and a laptop on there for cheaper prices! Awesome for birthday presents when you’re trying to save the pennies! Needless to say, whilst I’ve been waiting for this product to be delivered, I have bought another four products from the website – all will be reviewed, coming soon!

And seven days later, here’s the product. My first ever Illamasqua product, a creme blush in shade Promise. I suppose you’ll like to know what I think about it, eh?

20120317-153625.jpgBut first, here’s a few piccys of the product itself. Illamasqua is known as quite a high end brand and I was super eager to try some of it, even if I am only starting out with fooling about with blushes.20120317-153637.jpg The shade itself is a lovely, natural pink with looks like a natural flush (which doesn’t really show in these pics – stupid dark natural light!). It’s a smooth creme consistency, which I have never tried before, but I am looking forward to try on my liquid foundation. It also seems a lot heavier than the Bare Minerals blusher (which I have come to LOVE, by the way!) and I think thus it’ll stay put where it’s meant to for longer.

I would show the product on my face, but I have had some terrible spot-related problems on my face recently and don’t fancy putting it up here for all the world to see! Massive exfoliation planned for this evening! But I have to say, I’m very happy with the product itself and the website in which I bought it from. Buyapowa is the first thing I log onto before Facebook, Twitter or even checking my email. Follow me on Twitter @frannooooo to see what I’m buying from Buyapowa! Probs updated daily.


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