WLB Week 12

Since I’ve bought my scales (and since the ‘8lb weight loss’ last week!), I am obsessed with weighing myself. We all knew this was going to happen, didn’t we? But it’s helped me fill in my FitBit properly everyday, so it’s all worth it.

Firstly, the 8lb loss was a lie. Super sad face. I think it’s because in our office, we’ve got carpet and I’ve read somewhere you shouldn’t put scales on carpet because it gives you a dud reading. There we go. So I now weigh myself every morning, just after I’ve got out of bed, with the scales on my tiled bathroom floor. The morning is when I’m most lightest. Yes.

You all know how I love a graph, so I’m going to put one here for you to see for yourself how I’ve got on. The thing with FitBit is that it can show you your weight change over 7 days, so I think I’ll be publishing these every week so you can see for yourself how I’ve been getting on.

The big dip is obviously the void weigh in! But I haven’t done at all that badly, really. This is from Wednesday to Wednesday, as will all of my weight graphs be from now on. The weigh in on Thursday is a lot heavier than that 8lbs lost on Wednesday (a whole 5lbs more!), but it still shows that I lost weight from the previous non-void week. The general direction is down and I’m happy with that.

I have lost a whole 2 lbs from Thursday. Wowzer! And that’s even with a sneaky Mother’s Day chinese takeaway involved! If I didn’t pig out so much yesterday (my God, didn’t I pig out with ham and cheese toasties, yoghurts and spaghetti carbonara!), I probably would’ve been a lot less than today, so it might’ve even been a 3 or 4lb weight loss. But nevertheless, lesson learned (don’t pig out before weigh in day!) and we’re moving on. This week, FitBit says I should reach my goal by 31st July 2012. June would be better as now I have a work party to go to at the beginning of June, so I’m going to have to work harder to shave a month off my time.

Obstacles for this week:

  1. Working tonight, so trying to squeeze in a proper nutritious dinner. Yup, I’m doing a cover shift tonight at my other job, so I’m going to have to eat dinner early. Rubbish.
  2. Nothing planned for the weekend. NO BOREDOM EATING.

Changes to this week:

  1. Lots more water intake.
  2. Walk more.
  3. No ham and cheese toasties.
  4. Less carbs on Tuesdays.
  5. Swim more. This has been slacking a little recently!
  6. Track everything.

How did you get on this week?


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