Days When Your Budget Goes BANG!

I have spent too much money. Just now. Through the Internet.

To be honest, I haven’t really bought myself anything much recently and because I’m going on holiday in about two weeks (eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!), I needed some new clothes to take away with me. So Top Shop online, please meet my debit card; I’m sure you’ll get along swimmingly.

The way that my Top Shop shop happened was like this. The other day, when bored at my part time job, I went online and wrote down everything I wanted to buy at the time, pre-pay day. Today, I’ve gone through those and flicked through at all the new stuff, putting some items in the ‘what were you thinking?!’ pile. My written list contained eight items of clothing, which was whittled down to two… and after looking through new stuff, it trundled up to a healthy eleven items, including two pairs of shoes, two nail varnishes and three pairs of black leggings (all of my current ones have holes in them from Ozzy, thinking they’re a tug toy). ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE THINGS I NEED. Well, apart from the nail varnish… but I needed those black pumps, as my current ones are falling to bits, and I needed those golden sandals because they will look amazing with a tan! I promise, readers; I’m not a crazy impulse buyer. Well, unless there’s something good on Buyapowa. In which case, I am.

I am not beating myself up about my spend today, but I did spend a small mediumish bit of a percentage of my monthly wage on clothes today. I’m not even mad at myself about it. I needed that stuff; I’m a stone lighter than last summer, so I need stuff where the elastic isn’t stretched so far that it’s almost broken.

I may not be mad at myself today but I have decided to give myself a spending ban over the next couple of months anyway, even if there are some massive events coming up in my world soon. This is another reason why the spending ban should be put in place; so I have more to spend at these events instead of things that I won’t be interested in, in a year or so’s time! There are specific items that I just do not need. Listed below are those things:

  1. As much as I hate to admit, my make up spending habit has become a little out of hand, since my blog has been focusing more upon what makes us look purdy, but I do enjoy my make up. I think I’ll spend a month, being depressed with nothing new to play with, but I am thinking long term here.
  2. Tops. I have loads of them. In particular, black, grey or white tops. I don’t need anymore! I can live without buying another top, I have enough to last me probably the rest of my life!
  3. Now that I’ve stocked up, I don’t need anymore leggings. Enough said.
  4. I’m going to give up random trips to the pub, not only to benefit my weight loss, but because I somehow end up in massive rounds everytime I ‘pop in for a couple’ and that money can be spent on cocktails in the sunshine in a fortnight or so!

Bring on the boring month, eh? I’m even thinking of bringing back my old budget of £10 a day, which is more than do-able. In fact, I might do that starting from today, just to save some more pennies for the hol. Two weeks of being awesomely tight about money will make such a difference from not being able to buy food or drinks when I’m tanning myself. I think I’m going to go onto this £10 a day budget plan for a couple of months (and just generally stop spending as much as I have been recently!) and save for something really worthwhile. I haven’t thought what yet, but if I keep my weight loss up and save some more money, maybe I will reward myself with both 🙂

Do you need to tighten your spending belt, or is it just me? What have been your bad budget days and what have you splurged on recently?


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