WLB Week 13

This week, I have really been watching what I’ve been eating and tried really, really hard to lose 2lbs seeing as I’m on holiday in T-9 days… Eep. I have been drinking 1.5 litres a day, which I am thinking of increasing for this week as it’s sooo hot! And I’ve actually started to take water balance tablets (since yesterday), to see if that has an impact.

I have been trying to do a lot of walking, trying to keep to my 20,000 steps a day, although I was sickeningly hungover on Saturday (I know, after I said I wasn’t going in the pub anymore… It was an accident), so I managed a cringe-worthy 2,000ish steps in one day, which I think may have something to do with how rubbish my weight loss has been this week. Have a look at my graph.

As you can see, little or no movement in my weigh ins this week. And I feel like my weight has kind of plateaued again. It’s a bit depressing, really. The more I try, the less loss I see. I was at my lightest on Monday and somehow, this has crept up by 0.6lbs by today! How?! It’s still an overall loss of 1lb this week, but I was hoping for a 2lb-er with all of my efforts.

Fitbit reckons I’ll get to my ideal weight by 4th August 2012. Say what?! I need to get to my ideal weight by earlier please! Where are you, Motivation!? In a plea to help my weight loss (particularly the Fitbit side of things), I posted on the Fitbit community for some more ‘friends’ (there’s a leaderboard, and I figure that I’m that competitive, I’ll try and out-do just about anyone to get to first place) and a few people have added me from all over the world, which is nice. I do have some changes for this week, to hopefully get myself back on track. But first, those pesky obstacles for this week are….

Obstacles for this week:

  1. Saturday shopping with Mum – and inevitable unhealthy lunch wherever we end up. Must make healthier choices.
  2. Pub on Saturday night. With Jay away for the weekend, I need me something to do and the pub is just around the corner and it’s our landlord’s birthday and… Well, you get the point. I’m actually going to alternate drinking with water and hopefully, the water balance tablets will do what they’re meant to do and balance my stupid water intake!
Not many obstacles this week, but even the one tiny obstacle can damage my weight loss plan and this week, I am determined to behave myself and stay away from the chocolate. Really, I am. With 9 days to go, I’m sure I can lose 1lb a day. Right?
Changes to this week:
  1. Keep taking water balance tablets. They have to work at some point, right?
  2. Start taking acai berry tablets. I know, immediate spam filter! I’m going to try these as an anti-oxidant (with the sheer hope that a side effect is weight loss!) and I’ll let you know how I get on. It’s already in my drafts and I’m starting to take them today! Eager…
  3. Increase water intake up to 3 litres a day.
  4. Stay away from chocolate. Sob.
  5. Keep inside my diet calories per day, using Fitbit tracker.
  6. Exercise more and keep up to 20,000 steps a day. I may even start running at the weekend.
  7. Start taking body measurements. This is a new one for me, but I figure it’d be a motivating thing to do, particularly when I plateau and may still be losing ‘inches’ around my waist, hips or thighs. Must buy a tape measure…

And that’s it. That’s a lot of changes this week! But fingers crossed, I’ll see some sort of improvement next week before the bikini comes out. I may do two WLBs next week, with one just before I go away, so I can see how much I put on when I’m actually away. God, is that a good idea or not?!


2 thoughts on “WLB Week 13

    1. Haha, bring it!

      Honestly, there’s one guy who’s added me and done hundreds of thousands of steps already! It’s so daunting, but definitely motivating! I’m going to have to log on every night and see how I compare. So far, with all these new friends, I’m seventh. Where, out of three with just you and another real life friend, I was second or third…! I definitely would recommend it for people who don’t know many people on Fitbit! 🙂 xox

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