New Hair for Spring/Summer!

I thought I’d write a post about my hair cut. Not very exciting as I am growing my hair, eh? But there has been a minor change to my hair and I am really happy with it.

how short my hair was originally! taken Dec 2010

I have given my hair a break from straightening and heat in general for quite some time, because I found it was getting into some terrible condition, so I’ve just left it wavy for about five weeks now. However when I got to the hairdressers yesterday, my hair looked terrible and straight away, she sat me down and was like, “do you want a treatment?” which I think is code for “oh my God, have a treatment now!!” So I did.

A terrible picture for lighting, but how my hair has been recently.

Because of all the colour abuse I have commited on my hair recently (over the past year, recently, not the past couple of months) alongside the chlorinating of my hair, the front parts of my hair have been breaking and look absolutely disastrous. The very front of my hair has been so wavy, it looks like I’ve had a terrible hair extension job because it’s looked so different from the rest of my head! So I asked the lovely hair dresser to cut in a bit of a fringe, so these fly away bits had some sort of companionship and didn’t look as terrible as they have been.

An hour later and this is how I look, with lovely conditioned hair, no more split ends and no more random broken bits! I am still in shock!

I am really chuffed with how my hair looks now, which is a bit shorter than that picture shows, and I’m even impressed with the colour, which has looked nothing like that over the past couple of months! My hairdresser has recommended that I start using L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil (I have bought this from Buyapowa the other day…) through the ends of my hair and hopefully, it shouldn’t be in a terrible condition when I go back there in six weeks! Not only that, but I received a 10% discount, because I had booked my appointment when I left last time, so a lovely little saving for an excellent result. The next change to my hair will be when I’m a little more tanned and it’ll be going a little bit darker, so my eyes look bluer.

The things we do to look beautiful!


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