Taking my Budget Seriously Now…

If you’ve been reading for quite some time (hello!!), you’ll have noticed that I am pretty crappy when it comes to money. I am a really terrible impulse buyer and I see something sparkly and grab it while I can. Well, no more, I say!

I have decided to start taking my budget a little bit more seriously than perhaps I have been over particularly the past year or so. What’s sparked this on? I am 25 years old on Saturday (sob) and thus I need to get a bit more responsible (and adult-like… technically…) with what I do with my money and where it’s going. I’m not saving for anything in particular, but if there was something that I really, really wanted, I want to be able to go and buy it without reservation, so what’s wrong with saving a bit here and there? At the moment, I make a point of saving 10% of my wages every month, however when I’m really stuck for money at the end of the month, I dip into it…

Honestly, I haven’t really been too bad with spending recently, but I am heading out to Lakeside tonight and I just know I’ll be so stupid with all the money in my bank account, regardless that my car insurance and car tax payments have gone out this month. I managed to survive Tenerife with £300 to last me for 7 days worth of food, (mostly) drink, and duty free shopping. Go me!

So what now? I am back onto my strict budget of £10 a day. I actually spent all £10 yesterday on my lunch and dinner (soup for lunch and fish for dinner – fish is expensive and Jay ate the cod I was saving for today). Today, I have spent a thrifty £2.70 on my lunch and I expect to eat at my Mum’s house for dinner, so I will *technically* be saving. Although I’m sure that’s cheating a little bit…

It’s not really difficult to save when you think about it. But when I don’t, I tend to splurge. So I have started to record my spending on my calendar on my iPhone. It’s something that’s always on me and I can just keep updating when I spend the odd pound here and there. I need to just be a little bit more aware of what I’m doing with my wages and remember that, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

This time next year, we’ll be millionaires…


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