WLB Week 14 and the Acai Berry Capsules… and WLB Week 15!

This is a bit of a chop and change blog post, so excuse the scattiness. I originally wrote WLB Week 14 and the Acai Berry capsules, before I went on holiday! So here’s what I wrote then and if I haven’t bored you past that point, we’ll go onto WLB 15 🙂

I know my blog post title sounds like a Harry Potter film this week, but as this weight loss thing has been such a journey for me so far over the past couple of years, it’s good to make light of it sometimes. Even though I’ve still got 2 and a half stone to go! One boring Saturday afternoon (well, not boring; maybe just relaxing), I was browsing the Interwebz for weight loss stuffs and, like when you’re on any kind of random page, an advert for acai berry came up. I have heard so much about acai berry, a supposed scam which has conned loads of people out of money worldwide, because some people do lose weight when taking this ‘superfood’ and others simply don’t. I’m sure, if you’re reading this, your antivirus is flashing red at you and telling you to come off of the page, as if I’m trying to sell you the stuff! But here’s what I have found.

I decided to read more into it and make my own mind up. I read reviews, I went on Amazon, which I actually think is one of the world’s most trusted sites, and it turns out this acai berry stuff is an anti-oxidant and not meant to be used just for weight loss, although for most people (after reading the reviews of a particular brand of acai berry tablets) found that they did lose weight, as perhaps a side effect with a healthy diet and some exercise, but they also felt like they had more energy and slept a lot better than previously. As I have a particularly bad diet, I decided that an anti-oxidant would probably do me more good than harm, so I went and bought a bottle from Amazon. And, of course, hoped and wished that it had weight loss as one of my side effects.

This week, I have been drinking more water (around three litres) and I have also been taking water balance tables (two after two meals). I have been walking around 20,000 steps a day, but to be honest, I don’t really think these factors will really make a difference on my weight loss on their own. I started taking the acai berry capsules on Wednesday (after I’d written last week’s WLB, in fact!) and in the evening, I felt like I looked a lot less bloated. After taking my first two capsules before eating, I did have stomach cramps, which lasted all of about a few minutes. On Thursday morning, I weighed myself like I usually would do, and I lost 1lb. The lightest I have been since I’ve been on these stupid diets! I was flying, I tell you!

Thursday, I took one tablet before breakfast and two tablets before lunch, because I figured that if they are to make you feel energised, I probably don’t want to be taking these before going to bed. I walked 20,000 steps, as I did on Wednesday, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. The same happened for Friday and I was feeling positive about this whole tablet thing, but on Saturday, I completely forgot about both sets of tablets because I was out and about all day, and on Sunday and Monday, I was sick and actually didn’t eat that much at all, but what I did eat wasn’t very good for me and I hardly walked anywhere! I decided to extend this week’s WLB to Friday, so I could get serious about the tablets again and see if they had much of a difference when I started using them properly again. So on Wednesday and Thursday, I carried on using the tablets as I was meant to in the first place and found….

That being the case, I still managed to lose 2lbs this week, which is an all time high, since being on this diet and using Fit Bit to track my progress. I think I’m going to stick with the tablets a little more (maybe until they run out!) and, with holiday quickly approaching, hopefully I won’t see that much of a gain, as would if I wasn’t on the tablets. We’re still steadily losing, which is awesome.

And now WLB Week 15! Still here?!

So obviously, I went on holiday and managed to put on 3lbs, as I mentioned in my “I’m back” post earlier this week. That’s sad, but it could’ve been so much worse! This week, I decided to cut down on a lot of my carbs, because on holiday, that’s all I seemed to be eating; pasta, pizza, bread… pasta, pizza, bread… and obviously I haven’t been drinking as much as I did on holiday! I didn’t stick to my walking on holiday. Hell, I was on holiday! I deserved a break as much as the next person, so I’m not mad at myself about that at all. I’ve just got to work harder this week to get my steps back up!

I’m happy to announce that, since watching my eating for 2 days, I have lost 2.4lbs, just by lowering the amount of carbs I was eating! That’s such amazing news and I am really chuffed by my progress for this week so far. I’m hoping (although a little optimistically) that I lose another 2lbs for my birthday party for Saturday. But today, I am craving a chicken, mayo and sweetcorn panini instead my soup. Maybe I’ll just have it this once and then get back to it this evening. But Fitbit now predicts me to be at my ideal weight at the end of August, because of my slip on holiday! Hmmm… decisions. Must be good, but panini sounds so bloody good right now.

Anyways. What’s going to alter my weight loss this week? One obvious event, springs to mind. My 25th birthday party on Saturday. My goodness, I am going to drink and drink and probably order a Papa John’s pizza to help my hangover on Sunday. I fully expect this though, and there are ways to make sure that this doesn’t really massively affect my results. I need to walk more. I need to eat really well for the rest of the week. I need to drink plenty of water. I probably need to actually exercise properly before then. And hopefully, we’ll be completely fine for WLB next week, eh?! Yes?! Oh God, I’m dreading it! Ha.


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