Garnier BB Cream – My Sample Review

I love getting things to try for nothing, particularly to know if I’m actually going to use the product and to not waste money, and this was no exception. ‘Like’ the Garnier Facebook page, get a free sample of their BB Cream. I ‘liked’ and then completely forgot about it for about a month until it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Hooray, freebies.

What actually is a BB cream? There’s an advert on telly at the moment (I think it’s actually the Garnier one), stating that people are all raving about it and I have read a few blog reviews about them but I don’t actually know what they are. So, for your information (and mine), and straight from Wikipedia to my blog, a BB cream is a ‘blemish balm or base’, which is massive in Asia and initially used to protect the skin after surgery, providing a light coverage but focusing upon soothing and regenerating skin tissue. It has ‘multi-tasking’ properties of moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. We’ll see about that!

So what’s the difference between a BB cream and a tinted moisturiser? I found this post from Musings of a Muse, explaining that tinted moisturiser is generally thinner, with more shades to choose from, not as pigmented and have a low SPF compared with a BB cream. From this point of view, it seems like both have pros and cons, but from my perspective, the B.B. cream is definitely coming out on top.

20120419-130802.jpgNow down to what I thought of the Garnier one. The packaging of the sample is quite sturdy and mine hadn’t been damaged at all during transit. Upon opening my little packet, there’s information about what a BB cream is (five minutes of my life wasted on research, ha), three satchets of the BB cream in ‘light’, and some notes about what a Garnier BB cream does which is ‘even, cover, illuminate, hydrate and protect with SPF 15‘. Although I’m tanned (did I not mention I’ve been on holiday?!), I’m sure that I still fall into the ‘light’ bracket, so I give it a go. Here’s a swatch:20120419-130811.jpg

Although that picture has been taken in very poor light, I think it matches my skin tone quite well. It’s quite thick in consistency, but turns almost powdery when left to dry for a little while. It smells like all Garnier products smell; I have a body moisturiser which smells remarkably similar. So I decided to pile the remainder of my swatch satchet onto my non-made up face. Here’s how it went:

20120419-130825.jpgHere I am in all my glory, no make up, messy hair. Blurgh! Swimming day. I actually look quite scary here… looney eyes!!

I’m at work (lunching!), taking these photos, hence the weird white board behind me. Look how tanned I am! Anyway! I still had red bits around my nose, on my cheeks and so, in the name of beauty, off I trotted to apply the BB cream in the toilet, using my fingers.

20120419-130832.jpgDo you see any kind of difference? To be fair, although there’s not much in it, I found that this product definitely evened out my skin tone and when you’re someone who worries about the massively open pores on your face, I would say that it definitely made a difference in that regard. I think it’d make a good primer for mineral foundations, if you’re self conscious about your skin not being so even. It was easy to apply and a little definitely goes a long way. It has actually paled me out a bit, so it might be the wrong shade for me (or the right shade if I wasn’t so tanned right now!) and I do stink of the stuff now though, so probably not good if you hate smelling like a chemical factory.

Would I repurchase this? For £9.99 for 50ml, I don’t really see this as a really massively life-changing investment, when there are other primers and moisturisers that do the job for either cheaper or for more quantity per price. Maybe upon using the other two satchets (and investigating the effects under make up) may change my mind, but for now, I’m not really that convinced.

Have you tried any B.B. creams? How did you get on with them? Would you invest?


3 thoughts on “Garnier BB Cream – My Sample Review

  1. i went on a bb cream rampage once but never really took to it because they feel heavy on the skin and kind of oily 😦 now i use liquid foundation which i find is easier to apply and remove and give a sheer finish!

    1. I definitely wouldn’t use BB cream again; on Saturday, it had made my skin break out, just before my birthday party! Cue, lots of concealer, mineral foundation AND liquid foundation to get rid of the little buggers! Definitely would not recommend it to people who are happy with their current beauty routine.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 x

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