New Changes to my Diet. Again.

I have decided that something drastic has to happen to my diet in order for me to lose the weight that I need to. I have really and truly tried my hardest and I’m sticking to things that I should be eating, rather than chocolate and crisps that I just want to eat, and I am not seeing the results. So I have decided to try the Slim Fast diet. Again.

I tried the Slim Fast diet when I was working in London, but didn’t really stick to it. I think that’s where I put on most of my weight, when I was working in London. Well, other than uni, but that was over four years. I must’ve put on about a stone in the 7 months I worked in London.

Marie has been doing the Slim Fast diet for quite a while and has noticed a difference in her weight loss; she’s also going to be starting Fit Bit soon, due to my recommendation. I figured the Slim Fast diet would also help me to stick to my Fit Bit calories, which I am struggling to do at the moment. A Slim Fast milkshake is around 200 calories, which is nothing really, when you think that a chocolate bar is around the same. When I did the Slim Fast diet last time, I did find that I filled up on those bad boys too, so it’s worth a try, right?

So, today, I’m going to buy two tins of the stuff and give it a good ol’ go. And if this doesn’t help my weight loss, I’m’a be really stuck as to what to try next 😦

Have you tried the Slim Fast diet? Does it really slim, fast? Or is it a pricey way of keeping the weight on?


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