Clinique Brush Cleanser

It’s one of those boring jobs, which is much less fun than making ourselves up, but it’s one that has to be done to ensure nothing nasty gets on that pretty little face of our’s. Cleaning our make up brushes. BLEURGH!

To be honest, I didn’t really clean my brushes until very recently, when I received my MAC make up brushes for Christmas, which I believe are the holy grail of all make up brushes and I decided to take some good care of them, so they can last forever and ever. I clean mine with tissue everyday, but weekly, I use a brush cleanser (particularly on my foundation brushes – where I pile on the make up!), just to make sure no nasty germs get on my face to cause a spot or worse – lots of spots!

I know loads of people use MAC brush cleanser, but I decided to use something that doesn’t break the bank and ordered Clinique brush cleanser for £12.00 for 236ml from Boots. You get quite a bulk of the stuff in there, and I was quite chuffed at how much you actually get. It will obviously last me quite a while!

The liquid is watery (what did you expect??), colourless, odourless and foams up when you massage it into the fibres, which is as expected. It has a spray top, which I found really easy to use and economical instead of pouring the whole thing into the sink! I followed the instructions, word for word on the bottle, which seemed quite simple instructions.

With brush hairs facing downward, spray with cleanser. Use fingertips to gently work cleanser through bristles. Gently massage and rinse thoroughly under running water. Tissue off excess water. Lie flat and let air dry.

Simples! However, I found that I had to repeat this process about 6 times to get it very nearly spotless, with small fragments of foundation, still clinging onto the bristles. I wasn’t very impressed at all; for one wash, I had used about one sixth of the bottle, which might not seem like much, but to only get six weeks’ worth of washes out of one bottle seems particularly surprising when you get so much in the bottle. Not to mention how time-consuming this whole event was!

There is light at the end of this tunnel though. I watched Charli…’s YouTube the other week, regarding her February favourites, and she has been using rubbing alcohol for her make up brushes and has been really impressed. Make up artist’s tool of the trade apparently! So, when I run out of this terrible cleanser, I’ll be investing in some of that, which is a couple of quid from Amazon – well, I’m not going to waste it whilst I have it, am I?

What do you use to clean your make up brushes?


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