WLB Week 17

This week has been devastating in terms of my weight loss. Everything was going so smoothly and then, I accidentally drowned my Fit Bit in a swimming lesson 😦 Fit Bits + Water = No Longer Functioning Fit Bit. I am so sad and I feel naked without my little buddy clipping onto my leggings everyday.

I feel, because of this, my weight loss has actually deteriorated for this week! It’s weird how much I depend on that little piece of technology to keep me on track! I forgot to weigh myself last weekend and Monday, and my diet has actually been slacking because of it. I am waiting for Fit Bit to email me back with how to get a new one because I need it back in my life. I am also gutted that I just upgraded to premium and spent £39.99 a few days before the incident happened and I’ve not actually been able to use it for what it’s for… ANNOYING.

That said, I have booked some personal training sessions for myself this week, for yesterday and tonight, and I’m planning on going to personal training sessions three times a week from now on, to get my butt into gear and to finally lose masses of weight instead of a couple of pounds here and there. Right now, I wish I could take a few months off work so I could personal train for six to eight hours a day (cough), just to get to where I want to be quickly but I can’t, so this is the next best option for me. I cheat when I’m in the gym. I say I’m going to do 25 minutes of Cross Training or whatever, but I will always slyly decrease my time because no one is watching me do it. So I need that trainer there to tell me what to do and make sure that I do it. This will be my way of life for the next few months, and at the moment, I am dreading it because I know, to start with, I will feel completely knackered before I feel completely awesome.

Here’s the weight graph for this week anyways, which doesn’t really make sense as I haven’t logged for every single day… But hey, I love a visual aid…

Well, I am still losing (remarkably!), but there’s not really much to report. I promise I’ll be better with tracking next week for a better graph 🙂 I’ve actually lost 0.6lbs since before I went on holiday, so bye-bye holiday weight!

Obstacles for this week are a hen weekend on Friday/Saturday and bank holiday weekend on Sunday/Monday. I just have to be extra-good at making healthy choices. And try not to get too drunk. Hopefully, the personal training sessions will outweigh the bad points in my diet for this week.

Changes to this week are obviously working out more, so I need to drink more and make more sensible food choices than last week.


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