WLB Week 18: Attack of the Bank Holiday Weekend

Another week, another post about my obsession with my weight 🙂

This week, I have felt a lot healthier, due to my increase in exercise (finally, right?!) and I actually started last week on the right foot. I even got my replacement Fit Bit before the Bank Holiday weekend was due to start. BIG HOORAYS!

But then, the weekend began and I was attending a hen do in Manchester. Now, I’ve never attended a hen do before and I believe the theme of the weekend is over-indulgence on food and drink…

That’s okay though. I have personal training sessions tonight, tomorrow and Friday after work. And then, I’m teaching all weekend, like literally for 2 hours in the pool on Saturday and 2 hours in the pool on Sunday, before I go to work reception at other job (which generally means 5 hours of walking around reception, putting my steps on my Fit Bit, as it’s so quiet!). So I’m not worried about my slip up this weekend – I’m going to be good as gold to get back on track.

Here’s this week’s weight graph, anyway! As disappointing as it is!

A grand total of 0.6lbs put on this week. Sad. It’s okay, I’ll work it off tonight at the gym!

Obstacles for this week are in fact the obvious. Working all weekend. Blah.

Changes to this week are training three times instead of two. I would love to get to five nights a week, but honestly, the dude kills me everytime I turn up. Seriously. I’m going to try and work in a couple of swims too, but I don’t see where and when! And stay away from all those carbs, but not get rid of them altogether. I need some sort of carbs in my diet. I love bread.


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