Busy busy bee!

Hey everyone 🙂 I hope all is well with you!

Sorry about the lack of activity on my blog posts recently. My mission with the gym has been overtaking my life. I actually did three sessions last week, and I am still in agony for my session today! Bring on the weight loss, though I haven’t seen much of that yet… Fingers crossed it’ll all catch up on me.

Ozzy, driving us to doggy day care this morning. He looks really sad here, but he’s not; he’s just tired from the weekend!

I have been so super busy at work last week as well. I’ve been teaching out and about at all our different pools, which has been fun but very tiring. I had to teach last weekend on Saturday and Sunday and then work at my part time job on Sunday afternoon! It’s been so hectic, I’ve not even been able to spend time with Jay and Ozzy, which is really sad and I feel like I’m neglecting them a little bit!

I am still busy with work at the moment; it’s the start of a new term this week and next week, so I’m going to be out and about, cuddling babies and putting them into their required swimwear. It gets me out of the office, but I’m actually really busy in the office too, with lots of enquiries. It’s all good, but boy, is it stressful on my little head?! And I don’t particularly like working on the weekends, but it’s all money or extra holiday that I’m earning, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

If that’s not enough (which it obviously isn’t), I’m starting a new hobby next week. Saxophone lessons! I used to play the clarinet when I was younger, and I think I wrote a post on here a looooong while ago, talking about how I wanted to learn something else. Dad and I were looking at places to have saxophone lessons before he passed, so it was a bit of a sensitive thing for me to start up right away. But now, I feel I’m ready to take the bull by the horns (or the saxophone by the keys?) and get on with it. I’m really looking forward to it, although I’m sure Jay really isn’t looking forward to my ‘just-picked-up-the-sax very-squeaky-notes’ phase…

Not only that (!!!!), but I’ve decided that I want to finish decorating my house. Now! At this very instant. I’ve bought another wardrobe (the old one I saved for got left behind in the old house) and I’m just in the stages of building the actual box bit of the wardrobe before I have to put the doors, railings, drawers and shoe racks into it! Two out of three of those are done though, so it’s all going well! I’m also going to be framing all the prints that we haven’t got framed yet; I’m looking at doing this at the weekend at some point between buying my saxophone and working… I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I’ve got some gigs and stuff I’m going to as well, so it’s not all work in my life right now! I’m going to see Westlife next week for their goodbye tour (sob) and then next weekend, it’s a bit of a Kisstory gig at the o2, which I am extremely excited about.

I miss blogging, and I have a few things to write up about, so when it calms down a bit, I’ll be sure to post. I’m finding it really hard to balance full time work, part time work and having a bit of a laugh right now, so I am trying to find this balance too! Please bear with me, I know I said I’d be good and blog all the time, but life has this nasty habit of throwing things in my way when I decide on an aim!

I hope you guys are all well and watch this space for any more stuff I may be posting! It’s like a rarity!! 🙂 Take care xx


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