WLB Week 18

Can you believe we’re at week 18 already? This year is completely flying by!

Although I have been too busy to blog, my exercise has made a massive increase for these past few weeks. That’s right, I’ve been going to the gym for three whole weeks now! I have two more sessions booked for this week on Thursday and Friday, so I’ve only done one so far this week… But I did my one before that on Friday, so it all cancels itself out!

Anyway, enough rambling. Onto the nitty gritty. My eating habits haven’t completely changed at all. I am still eating the same, but working out more as I figured this would be the bestest way for me to lose weight. However, this week, I haven’t lost anything. In fact, I have gained 0.4lbs.

I have no idea how or why. I just have. As you can see, it’s been a bumpy road this week. I’m thinking to myself muscle weighs more than fat but there is no way I have developed muscle that quickly to have made me 0.4lbs heavier, so I don’t really know what’s gone on there.

On a happier note, my stomach (read: my one ab) doesn’t seem as swollen, so the exercise is helping somewhere – when I look down, I can see more feet – YAY! Maybe it’ll tone me down before actually losing the weight that I so desperately want to lose. Eventually, I’m going to have to turn my exercise up a notch, and exercise five times a week, but right now, I just don’t have the time to kick it up any more than I already am. Bring on the summer, when work is a little quieter and I don’t have to work every weekend!

I am enjoying the personal training though, a lot more than I thought I would. It really helps me for someone to stand there and tell me what to do – and make sure I do it. I have ached and ached for days upon days afterwards, but that just goes to show it’s working, right?

I am hoping for a massive weight loss over the next few weeks if I keep up with this same diet/exercise routine I have found myself in. I love soup right now because the weather keeps getting all pants and soup makes the world a better place. Seriously.

How has your weight loss been this week? Any tips or tricks as to why my weight has increased instead of decreased?! Someone must be able to make sense of it…


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