To iPad or Not To iPad?

This week, after my eye test (I now have to wear glasses 95% of the time after literally walking into a window before the test actually began – you can’t script these things!) and whilst we were waiting for my glasses to be made, Mum bought an iPad. Now, I have always been a bit weary of the tablets, since working in London, where the directors provided an office for 40ish computer-types with two of the sodding things and I had to keep track! They are, after all, a supersized iPhone, which I already have and am addicted enough, thanks!

And then, last night, I had to train Mum up on her iPad. Oh my word. I loved it. So much so, that when I went home, I announced to Jay that I was going to buy one then and there, and spent the whole evening on my Mac browsing at the different options I could have.

But really, do I need one? Will my life really benefit from spending £500 on something that I have the pocket version of? I think an iPad, for me, will make blogging a lot easier. It’ll also enable me to watch films when it’s very boring at work or when I’m travelling (not driving…), but other than that, is there anything more to it? With no USBs, I’ll still have to use my Mac for things like my Fit Bit or syncing my iPod anyway, so is it just another accessory?

So, dear Readers, I am asking you. Do you have an iPad? What are the benefits? Or do you hate the iPad? Why shouldn’t I buy one? I’m reaching out to you guys, right now!

5 thoughts on “To iPad or Not To iPad?

  1. Im lost without mine! I use it for everything. Its so much more convinenet then getting the laptop out when ever you want to do something online. Its always on, good (not great but good!) battery life. You wont regret getting one once you have one!

    1. I’m seriously considering it, just for the travelling aspect of it. I wouldn’t use it for eBooks, as I have my kindle, but just for ease (and because I’m a bit lazy), I’m thinking of getting one. Is that a good enough reason to justify £500?! Ha. I was really surprised and impressed with the clarity of the screen, compared to the ones when I was at work a couple of years back; it looked so clear!

  2. I’ve been tempted as well, Franno. What finally stopped me is that I don’t really *need* one (no matter how cool it is or how much I think I would use it). And it isn’t just the upfront cost… remember you would also need to pay for a data plan if you want to be connected whilst travelling. Make sure you consider those costs as well.

    1. I think I’d just get the one with wi-fi though; I usually download all of my stuff at home (or in office), so everything would already be on there when I’m using it out and about, if that makes any sense. I have no idea what the benefit would be to me to put 3G on that bad boy, and it’d only ever be lots and lots and LOTS of costs. I am still undecided 😦

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