MAC Lip Glass in Naked Space

I am still so in love with Buyapowa, it’s untrue. I think it’s amazing that I can get high end make up products for something cheaper.

I love MAC make up, like many other make up obsessives. So when this beauty appeared on the Co-Buy screen, part of me screamed it’s meant to be! So I punched in my card details before they all ran out and five days later, this appeared on my doorstep.20120523-112326.jpg

I am getting more ‘lippy’ with my make up looks; mostly because (I think) I can get away with just wearing a lippy when it is a swimming day or a hang around in a swimming pool day (like today!) and I don’t want to waste a pump of foundation or a brush of blush. Although my Mum thinks I have a tonne of make up (I don’t), I think I could do with a few more lipsticks in my somewhat small (ish) collection. Surprisingly, I don’t have many MAC lippies in my collection so far. I only have one winter edition (simply called ‘I love Winter’) that I got for Christmas last year – and accidentally put in the washing machine… – and a lip gloss and lip liner that came with the packet. I loved the formulation of these lip products (before I ruined one and had to pot it…) and so I think I’m making an investment when I purchase more – and I’m technically saving when I buy them on Buyapowa!

So what of this product? Lip Glass has a super shiny formula to it, which is completely awesome. There is no glitter in this product (thank God!), so it is completely down to the formulation. It’s not at all sticky as you’d expect with products of lesser quality and it’s this lovely nude colour, which is like ‘your lips but better’… I hate that phrase, because it doesn’t actually describe anything so we’ll say ‘your lips but glossier‘. It surprisingly lasts a fair amount of time, which I was really impressed with. I don’t have to apply every five minutes of my day! And a little goes a long way, so I’ll probably be able to use this product every day and still have half a tube left at Christmas 🙂

Here’s how it looks on me (note: no make up, due to standing in an overheated conservatory with a swimming pool today, even though it’s mid-twenty degrees… and eyelash extensions which have started to shed… Woe…). What do we think? Have you tried any Lip Glasses recently and what have been your fav shades?

Finally gave my eyebrows some attention last night in preparation for this lovely stunning photo of me…

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