WLB Week 19

Hello all, it’s me again for your midweek awesomeness on how I’m doing with my weight. I hope you’re well and healthy 🙂

This week, I haven’t been eating all that great. Because I’ve been working absolutely loads, it’s been convenience food, rather than awesome healthy goodness and I’m feeling kinda bummed about that. Also, I had a bottle of wine over the weekend, which I never actually drink and is a lot worse for you than a vodka diet coke… Argh. The most surprising part about that is that after both Saturday and Sunday drinking, I lost 1lb each morning, but I’m thinking that is due to dehydration rather than actual weight loss.

Exercise has been rubbish this week. I’d had to cancel my Friday session, due to a personal reasons, so I hadn’t actually done all three of my sessions for this week. Crap.

So here’s the moment you’ve all been ‘weighting’ for (get it?)… My weight graph for this week looks something like this…

Good morning, 2.2lbs lost this week! WOW. I wasn’t expecting that at all! That’s a real shocker – well done, me! I suppose things that I’ve found helpful this week are because I’ve been so busy, I’ve been burning more calories than usual. Also, I’ve found my Fit Bit trainer (that I bought for £39.99 per year) is giving me more motivation to burn calories during the week. This week, I have to burn 1,289 cals per day. It ain’t no walk in the park (well, it probably could be actually…), but I figured if I keep doing what my Fit Bit trainer keeps telling me to do, I should see a lovely looking weight loss every week.

So now to look at the things that are possibly holding me back from weight loss for the upcoming week:

  1. Westlife in concert tonight. Oh my goodness, I am a little bit excited about this, even though I understand that the majority of the crowd will be middle aged women or possibly little teeny bopper girls. It’ll be nice to hang out with Jay, as I haven’t done that in what seems like forever…
  2. Kisstory on Saturday. Yes, I’m going clubbing back at the o2 on Saturday night for some Kisstory loving. Drinks ahoy!
  3. Lack of personal training sessions. Honestly, I’m so busy, I can’t fit it in edgeways. My next training session is on Monday and hopefully, I’ll get quite a bit done next week. Five days, anyone?

Things that I need to change for this week? Well, not much as it happens. If I keep doing what I’m doing and working alongside my Fit Bit trainer, I should be to where I want to be in no time. Well, 15 weeks actually, if we want to put a time on it. My only concern is that I’ve been dancing the 175-177lbs dance for a considerable amount of months now. I really want to get to 174 for next week. And stay there… Or go down… So I suppose that’s my short term goal – get below 175lbs. 1lb change isn’t going to make the world of difference, but I think it’ll make me feel awesome and spur me on to lose even more.

How did you get on this week?

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