Kisstory, 26th May 2012 (and Song Of The Day)

So during the week, I’d seen Westlife at the o2, but we were heading back to the o2 on Saturday 26th May to go clubbing at the Indigo2. That’s right, old school fans. I love a bit of Kisstory. In fact, when I’m in the office on my own, I always will tune into my Kiss Kube on my phone at 11am for an hour of pure old school-ness. And dance around like a weirdo on my own with my shoes off. Bank holidays are even better with a whole day dedicated to the old school!

Needless to say, I was overly excited about this.

There were six of us in couples and we went to eat first at one of the many restaurants at the o2 called Rodrizio Rico, which is Brazilian BBQ and they come around with meat and put it all on your plate until you’re full. No one ate that much, as we were concentrating a little to hard on the Sangria. I couldn’t drink so much as I had work the next day, so I decided that I needed to stop drinking at around midnight, to ensure a sober Franno for behind reception on Sunday.

Off we trotted to a sports bar. The doors didn’t open until 10pm, so we settled into drinking more. The girls shared wine, the boys drank cider. I was feeling particularly tipsy as I never drink wine anymore since leaving university. Wine makes me feel terribly drunk, extremely quickly!

Three bottles of wine in, we found the entrance (after trying to get into the VIP section – oops!) and headed straight for the bar. The club was heaving, so people must’ve got there dead on 10pm! I never drink in London, but I didn’t realise the drinks were that expensive! Luckily I wasn’t paying for myself (thanks, Jay 🙂 ), else I’d be bankrupt!

Justin Wilkes on the decks 🙂 (fav DJ…)

The music was amazing; Justin Wilkes was on the decks when we got in and I absolutely love him! The special guests were Nightcrawlers, who I didn’t actually know, but as soon as I heard their song, I completely knew who they were… which brings me quite nicely to my song of the day 🙂

Definitely feeling like summer’s here after Kisstory and those kinds of songs 🙂 Nightcrawlers played a few songs, which weren’t really my cup of tea, but Justin Wilkes came back on again to play some more awesomeness (yay!) before introducing DJ EZ. I am a bit fuzzy at this point (they gave me a pint of wine…), I just remember singing along at the top of my lungs  to Do You Really Like It by DJ Pied Piper… My shoes were off, need I say more?!

We left at 2.30am in our minibus back to our’s and, instead of staying up all night like we would usually do, we all went to bed straight away! We’re getting too old for this… I would definitely recommend going to a Kisstory night! I had such an amazing time, and I’m constantly checking when the next one is… Unfortunately, the next one is in Ibiza, so I won’t be going to that one (although I wish I was…) but when they come back to the o2, I’ll be there with bells on!

Also, I fell asleep behind reception on Sunday, with a banging headache. Oops. BUT I had mentioned how awesome Justin Wilkes was and he’s now following me on Twitter. Say whaaaat?!? 


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