Westlife: The Farewell Tour, 23rd May 2012

So last year, it was announced that Westlife were going to split up. And Jay loves a bit of Westlife, so I bought him a couple of tickets for their last concert as a foursome. It took us absolutely ages to get to the o2, due to crappy transport. The Jubilee line was severely delayed and Jay tried every single method of transport (including The Thames Clipper)  to get there, until he settled for a 40 minute cab journey. This didn’t bother me as I had settled into a bar at the o2 and was fully engaged in a happy hour with 2 pitchers of cocktails in my system. Jay got there, helped me finish my cocktails and off we trotted (or staggered) to our seats.

I wasn’t really sure what to make of the ballad boy band and thought I’d actually fall asleep during their concert, as I couldn’t really think of an up-tempo number that they had ever released. Take a picture, because I don’t usually say this: I was wrong. They were so good, despite being late on stage! Opening with video clips of interviews as to why they were splitting up and appearing on stage with one of their more recent hits ‘What About Now’, I was actually disappointed at the lack of stools and standing with a powerful octave change, as they are better known for. They even danced!!

Westlife performed a few songs, had some banter with the audience and then went back to the interview clips about why they thought they’d had enough, what they’d miss most, what they loved the most. Jay and I were surrounded by middle aged women and, when reminded that they had been going for 14 years, we weren’t surprised. I was 11 when they came about! What on earth?!

Jay and me… I’m a bit drunk, hence the cheesy smile…

Two memorable points from my fuzzy head in the morning after. Number one was the Westlife Medley they did in the middle, which involved covers by Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon and The Pussycat Dolls. What on earth were you thinking, Westlife?! Although the covers were fine and dandy and got people (well, me…) moving, they were kind of unnecessary. Secondly, the movable stage in which they jumped on and sang ‘Seasons in the Sun’ and ‘Swear It Again’, which I was obviously obsessed with as I took a whole bunch of pictures of them on it, rotating around and waving at everyone…

 Jay and I had to leave a little bit early to go and catch our train, and got evils by all of the die hard fans in our row… But we waited at the top, because I really wanted to hear ‘Flying Without Wings’… I didn’t hear it 😦 They must’ve left it right til the very end! Perhaps they shouldn’t have done all these covers and actually done some of their awesome hits from over the 14 years!

Nevertheless, I would say it was a good gig for me to have gone to and I think Jay enjoyed it too. I’ll never see them again and they’ve always been in the background for the past 14 years, haven’t they!? I bet you all subliminally can recall random Westlife songs… Not my favouritest gig (Prince gets the crown for that one – excuse the pun!), but I’m really happy I saw them. I think most bands should probably do this when they decide to split up as a final ‘yay’ to everything they achieved and stuff. It was a really awesome idea to have the video clips every now and again, so that the fans knew how they were feeling about the whole ordeal.

Time for the next ballad boy band!


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