Mademoiselle Belle by Karrisx

Before I got into the beauty side of blogging, one day a fair while ago, I was searching on You Tube about how to put your hair into a quiff. Karris’s video and channel popped up and I have been an avid subscriber since.

Karrisx defo knows her shizzle when it comes to make up, and what makes her a lot more individual from the most other beauty bloggers is that she only uses cruelty free products, from home cleaning products to skin care and make up. She’s just hadas gorgeous little girl, Casey and now, Karrisx is on her new venture. Jewellery and accessories.

Mademoiselle Belle is an Etsy store, available to all in the UK and, as soon as I saw how amazing these accessories were, I went and put in an order. It took 2 days for my package to make its way from Glasgow to Essex and I was super impressed (and still wondered when she has the time to fit everything in!).

The package was dead cute; baby pink enveloped a snazzy zebra print packet, with my individual items wrapped in hot pink bags with tissue. I was extremely astounded when a hand written note popped out from Karris, thanking me for shopping and hoping I’ll enjoy them!

I got these little beauties and I am really and truly happy with the quality of them. I think they’ll be worn out soon, so I best add Mademoiselle Belle to my bookmarks now.


From left to right, we have Cross My Heart pendant (£2.50), Hypnotic pendant (£3.75) and Skull Candy bracelet in pastel blue (£2.50). I am completely in love with this blue bracelet, I’m going to be wearing the Cross pendant and that with a black maxi dress this eve!

So what are you waiting for?! Like Mademoiselle Belle on Facebook and get shopping! New products are added frequently, so try and get in before me! 🙂


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