NOTD: Top Shop ‘Celestial’

Hey guys. I hope you’re having a fantastic start to your long weekend so far. Whenever I get a free Saturday, it’s the best opportunity to paint my nails, mainly because Jay can keep Ozzy away from me for a fair while! I haven’t painted them for like, 3 weeks and I had just splurged in Top Shop, so I thought why not try this pretty blue.

I absolutely love blue nail varnish, I think it’s so versatile and goes with absolutely everything. It makes a change from the more classic reds and pinks, and it’s a bit of blue for the red and white I’m sporting over the Jubilee weekend. I am extremely fond of the Top Shop formula and it’s so thick and creamy, you only need one cost for full coverage. I apologise for the state of my thumb, but this was a quick job for before work today 🙂 It looks a bit purpley in this pic, but it’s a bit bluer.

Top Shop nail varnishes are available in store or online and will set you back £6.00 a nail pot.



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