Returning to Diet Chef (And WLB Week 20)

I hope you all had a lovely Jubilee weekend and you’re hating work as much as I am today! A warning for you, guys. If you’re expecting a short punchy post about my weight loss this week, you’re wrong. This post does go on for a while, so if you want to skip to my graph, scroll down 🙂

If you think I haven’t tried every diet known to mankind, think again… I tried the Diet Chef route when I was at university, probably in about my 2nd year when I realised that I was piling the weight on (darn independent choices leading me to cheese toasties and large Dominos pizza…), but I found that it didn’t work for me. Probably because, on reflection, I didn’t really stick to it. When I’d go to work at the pool, I’d be eating chocolate or whatever else I fancied out of the vending machine, just because it was there. I’d go out drinking and on the way back, have some cheesy chips. You know the drill…

Now I’m in a different frame of mind. And busy a lot of the time! So I’ve decided to give it another go. It is an expensive option, but I think you do get a lot for the money you spend. Firstly, you get it delivered to you. That saves me a stupid amount of time, because everything’s a bloody drive away from my house and then you end up seeing someone you know and chatting to them. Let’s note for the record, I am not a very good supermarket shopper. I hate old people who shop on the weekends, when they have all week to shop. I pick up chocolate if I supermarket shop when I’m hungry. I could be something a lot more useful with my time! So this is a huge win-win for me. For most of the stuff, you just pop it into the microwave and get on with your life. Easy!

The menu seems massively varied from the last time I tried this diet, so I’m pretty happy with it. I ended up eating exactly the same thing time and time again from previous Diet Chef, but they seemed to have addressed this problem and I’ve picked up nearly a different meal for every evening.

I figured I’d write a ‘first six days’ diet diary alongside any particular weight changes I might have for you guys to see if it’s the right decision for you. Note that everybody’s body is completely different so what works or doesn’t work for me might not be the case for you. For my Diet Chef experience, I have also decided to not drink alcohol (sob), drink plenty of water and continue to exercise if and when I can, which I will report in my diary, so you know just how active I am… I might even litter this post with some pictures of what I’ve been eating from the Diet Chef menu. You know, if they look good enough.


35 days worth of diet… Gulp!

I ordered my initial 5 week order on Monday, before the Jubilee bank holiday and I received these two massive boxes on the Wednesday . Honestly, I have no idea where I’m going to store all this food, but because nothing has be to refrigerated (well, I put the milkshakes in the fridge anyway; no one likes warm milk!), I’ve just shoved them in various empty cupboards around my kitchen, with one cupboard for breakfast, one cupboard for lunch, another for dinner and lastly, one for snacks. I flit back to the snacks when I first did this diet and remember they were my favourite things, so I used to shove two in my mouth instead of just the one per day. I really didn’t stick to this in the first place…

The boxes came with a booklet breaking the whole diet down and including some ideas of ‘supplement foods’ (e.g. fruit/veg and milk) which you should also include in this diet to reach the 1,200 or 1,500 calories, depending on what diet you picked on the website in the first place. No worries 🙂 They also encourage that you make an online profile, which I did, and you can track your progress either in the booklet or online. MORE TRACKING!

Day 1:


I started on Thursday morning and my weight was 176.4lbs. God, I hope I get to 174 soon… I ate my breakfast, which was a chocolate soft cookie (it tasted alright, but nothing exciting to report), whilst walking around my living room, got dressed and went to work. I packed a vanilla milkshake for work with some cheese and onion bakes for snacks. It’s so easy to pack as they don’t take up much of my valued handbag space, so I think I’m going to live off these milkshakes for the time being. I was hungry at 10am, so at 10.40am I ate my cheese and onion baked snacks. Oh my God, they were so good; full of flavour and really filled a hole!

I decided to eat my lunch at about 12pm, as I was still feeling a bit peckish – and then, if I’m hungry later, I’ll go on the hunt for some fruit at the fruit place over the road. Hooray! The vanilla milkshake for lunch was exactly how I remembered it – I got addicted to these last time! – and actually, there was a hint of coconut to it as well. Yummy! Definitely going to be living off of these for the next however many months. Diet Chef recommend that you drink between 2-4 litres a day and I’ve just noticed that I’m almost through my first 1.5 litres at lunchtime! Time for me to pop out for a walk and grab another bottle 🙂

Pasta Carbonara… or Plastic Carbonara.

I felt really, really hungry on the way home from work, which I think is normal when you’re really controlling your calorie-intake, and I was really excited about the prospect of dinner, although it took me ages to get home. For dinner, I had pasta carbonara and I’m going to be honest, it tasted like plastic. I did not enjoy it at all. And then I got invited to the pub, so I drank several vodka diets… Which I feel so bad about, because I promised you guys I wouldn’t drink! But tomorrow’s another day… And I’m still thinking to myself, why did I start this diet on the Jubilee weekend?!? As for my exercise, I only did 3294 steps (1.42 miles), so I didn’t really exercise at all today, but because of the sheer lack of calories I am digesting, I’m hoping this won’t falter my weight loss any further.

Day 2:

Today, I am feeling pretty awesome. I did jump on the scales this morning and saw that I lost 1lb, but this could be due to dehydration (bloody vodka!), so I’m not counting my chickens! For breakfast, I had an original muesli bar, which I hated. Something you should know about me is that I hate nuts. Like with a passion. They just make me gag! The muesli bars do have nuts in and I found that I couldn’t eat all of the muesli bar. I’ve decided, from now on, when I have a muesli bar day, I’m going to squash it into a bowl of milk (which I’m allowed), so that the taste sods off. Because I ordered five different breakfasts seven times, I’ve decided to put them on a rota, so I can kind of ‘count down’ the weeks. Only six more original muesli bars to go…

Spicy Tomato and Beef Soup

Because I didn’t eat my breakfast, I snacked early today at about 10am. I had salted popcorn, which tastes exactly like cinema salted popcorn and it’s a generous serving, so I was happy with it. Because I head out of the office for teaching early on Fridays, I had my lunch at about 12ish and I had the Spicy Tomato and Beef soup. I was pretty hungry up until lunch, and my stomach was really groaning at about 11.30am, so I drank (what felt like) a tonne of water to fend off the hunger pangs. But I am only 1 litre into my 2-4 litres a day so far before lunch. Whilst my soup is cooking in the microwave, my stomach is loving the smell of beef in the packet. I used to live on this soup when I did the diet before and I am really looking forward to it. It’s a little spicier than I remember, but it’s really tasty with heaps of veg and bits of beef in it! I’m really wishing I had some bread to dip in… But it’s okay, I’m going to have a banana afterwards and I’ll feel happier with a fuller belly.

After teaching, remarkably, I didn’t feel hungry at all, but I had to have my dinner a little earlier today, before I went to my after school teaching, because I’m actually going out tonight (I won’t be drinking!) and it’s going to be a bit of a rush to get out on time. I had the sausages in onion gravy, which smelled amazing (what is it with me and smells today?!). It’s a bit weird, just having sausages for dinner, but I’m sticking with it! The sausages are actually the nicest thing I’ve eaten meal wise so far (snacks are always tasty!), and I eat a banana afterwards. Full belly = happy belly.

In terms of exercise, I was teaching and jumping up and down in a pool for an hour with babies and I walked 6751 steps today (2.9 miles), so much more than yesterday!

Day 3:

I weighed myself again this morning, and actually weighed 173!!! What on earth happened to 174 stage in my weight loss?! I am so chuffed, its unreal how my weight is seemingly melting away. At this pace, I should be nearly half a stone lighter by next week! Breakfast was fruit and oat soft cookie, which again I loved and it tasted really gingery! So it didn’t feel like I was eating fruit. I actually didn’t feel like I needed breakfast today, as I didn’t feel as hungry as I have done in days 1 and 2.

I ate my snack of caramelised onion oat biscuits (again, lovely!) alongside a banana around 12ish. I really don’t feel as hungry today as I have on other days so it feels like it’s working. Jay had pizza for lunch, and I stuck to a chocolate milkshake. Although I love pizza, I can hold off from spoiling myself for a couple of months! Jay was really supportive and ate his pizza in the kitchen whilst I was blogging in the living room with Ozzy 🙂

I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner… Eep… Obviously really memorable! But I walked 3837 steps (1.65 miles) so we’re still going with the steps, which is good 🙂

Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6:

I’m going to be honest, readers. I didn’t stick to the diet at all on Sunday evening, Monday or Tuesday, due to the sheer amount of alcohol I was drinking over the Jubilee weekend. I did watch what I was eating, and made sure I stuck to good portion sizes, so that it wouldn’t mess up my diet too much. On Day 4, I walked 3940 steps (1.69 miles), day 5 I walked 3981 steps (1.71 miles) and day 6, I walked 1719 steps (0.74 miles – obviously a very hungover day that day!).

Day 7:

Can you imagine my shock when I weighed in this morning and discovered that I weighed 174.4lbs, so I managed to still lose weight even if I didn’t stick to the diet 100% this week!? Today, I am back on the diet fully to try and double my weight loss for next week which, if I stuck to it this week, I would be nearly half a stone down by next week! Watch this space, guys; I’ve got a feeling I’m going to reach my goal a lot earlier than expected 🙂

Honestly, I am chuffed with the Diet Chef diet. The first couple of days were hard, and I’m expecting today and tomorrow to be as hard since having my days off, but it’s doable and I think this could be the boost I needed in my diet to finally get to where I want to be… 30lbs lighter.

Here’s my weight loss graph for those who have scrolled down 🙂 (via

That’s a weight loss of 2lbs this week, so I’m going to be aiming for around the 4lbs mark for next week, maybe even more if I stick to it completely. I am really excited about eventually finding something to help me reach my goal and finally feeling a lot more confident in my own body 🙂

But then, what would I blog about!? Ha!

Aims for this week are to walk around a lot more. Although my calories are only 1200 per day, I really haven’t been moving around as much as I have done previously. I think this will come naturally when my body adjusts to it fully, but today I’m going to concentrating on not eating off my own arm…

Obstacles for this week are work’s 10 year anniversary party at the weekend, with BBQ buffet… Noms. But I’m going to be packing all my Diet Chef food, so I shouldn’t stray 🙂 I love that I can take this food with me anywhere! It makes my life so much easier!

How’d you do with your diet this week?


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