WLB Week 21

Hello guys! Very short post today, as there’s not much to report from my weight loss over the last week. Mainly because I haven’t been weighing myself everyday. In fact, I think the only time I weighed myself was this morning, and that was just for this post!

Diet Chef was on massive huge hold over the weekend as it was work’s 10 year anniversary. And there was BBQ and a hog roast. And I probably ate a pasty as well, when I had the beer munchies! It was a good weekend, but drinking for 16 hours does make your head hurt in the morning. Tru. Dat. It also puts pounds on, so although I enjoyed myself, I wish I didn’t drink as much as I did. I didn’t actually eat anything on the Sunday due to the hangover and Jay had cooked me a bit of a roast. Sozzles, darling, I felt like I was going to puke all day!

Anyways! We went back onto the Diet Chef on Monday (along with some extra poundage to lose!) and I even went for a run on Monday night. I had intended to go again last night, but Ozzy fell asleep on me… and then I fell asleep on Ozzy… and there was a whole lot of sleeping going on!

Anyhoo! Here’s my really rubbish graph for this week. I am going to weigh myself every other day from now on, just so I can see some sort of movement.

Fit Bit says I’ve actually stayed the same weight this week. No freakin’ way!! I’m so shocked, I thought I would’ve put on at least the size of an elephant for this week! Well, onwards and upwards, and the losing weight continues for next week! I actually feel a lot slimmer this week and my clothes are seeming to fit me a lot nicer so, although I haven’t lost anything, I am generally feeling a lot happier this week.

Things to change for this week is to stick to the Diet Chef diet properly. Other than on Saturday. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and I can envisage a whole bunch of lovely foods that I’d love to scoff my face with. I think it’s good to have a day off once a week anyway. I’m aiming for some sort of weight loss for next week too, which is achievable, I’m sure 🙂

How was your weigh in this week?


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