WLB Week 22

Hello blog-fans!!

Hope all’s well and you’re enjoying the sunshine! Sorry for not blogging so much; it has been so hectic at work recently, I’ve not had a chance to myself. Also, I’ve actually had some sort of social life at the weekends, so… sorry about that? Why can’t blogging be my full time job!?

Anyways! To the matter at hand! Analysing my weight loss/gain journey for this week! Well, at the weekend, we had a very boozy wedding party, where I decided it would be awesome to drink cider, which is probably one of the most calorific drinks out there! But it’s also my summer drink, so I don’t want to miss out! Jay and I have also been having date nights as well, which was on Saturday lunchtime and I ate a massive burger with chips.. Don’t hate me.

Right now, I feel a lot thinner and not as wobbly as I did have, so I’m still feeling relatively happy. I know I’m probably not losing any more weight – read: I am not exercising or really sticking to Diet Chef as strictly as I should be! – and I appreciate that those are my faults. But I am generally a bit more happier in my life right now with the size I am, although I eventually want to be a dress size or so smaller.

Anyways! Enough reaching into my soul! Have a weight loss graph:

Yep, a massive increase after the weekend! Seriously, my scales reckoned I put on like half a stone over one weekend! I think my scales are completely rubbish and I have invested in the new Fit Bit scales, which also measure Body Fat %, so I’ll be using those as soon as they are delivered to me, for a more accurate reading and more measurements to analyse in my weekly posts! My Fit Bit graph says I’ve gained 0.6lbs, which isn’t too bad, but it’s not a loss and that’s what I should be aiming for, with only eight weeks until my holibobs with the in-laws. If I lose 2lbs a week, I’ll be over a stone down by the time I get there. And it’s just another stone when I get back and then I’ll be there 🙂

Things to change this week? Well, I actually have no social events planned for this week, so I just really and truly need to stick to the Diet Chef food (that I have bought!!) and hopefully, I’ll see some massive differences in my weight loss. I’m also planning on running and swimming a little bit from now on. With the nice weather, there’s not really much of an excuse to get out and do some stuff, is there?! I’m actually in the pool, teaching a lot more than usual from here on, so I’m hoping that jumping up and around in the swimming pool for a couple of hours a week will help me out as much as possible. I really have to be focused now, and for 8 weeks isn’t really a long time, so I’ve got to push myself to get to where I want to be.

How did you get on with your weight loss this week?


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