With the Spring/Summer season hitting shops (and not our weather!), and the inevitable summer holiday not 8 weeks away, I did a little bit of (naughty) online shopping! And, as always, I headed to H&M for super affordable and brilliant quality! 🙂

I am always in love with H&M and I can’t seem to ever get my shopping cart below the £100 mark. Even if there’s a sale on. However, I’m being a bit stricter on my spending (although, obviously not cutting it down, entirely…) and this haul cost me a fabulous £67.45 (excluding delivery). So what did I get with my pennies?

Now, before you point it out, I know all my items are different sizes. I just have no idea what size I’m going to be in 8 weeks – and some sizes were out of stock and I was buying on a whim!! Although, I’m hoping it’s the smaller end of these… but we’ll see!

First, we have the shirty dress up the top. I just need something to throw on and this looked nice and breezy, so we went with it 🙂

Secondly, another dress with fabulous pattern at the bottom. Something a bit dressier for the warm Spanish nights (when I have a tan…).

Thirdly, this top/dress thing that I first saw on Sammi BeautyCrush’s YouTube haul! I would probably wear this with jean shorts for a casual look (when I fit into the pair that I own!).

Then, we have a ring. I’m getting really into rings recently, and although I don’t wear them everyday, I’m finding them to be amazing accessories for the lighter seasons. I also love this turquoise blue 🙂

The next item is actually for work to get my fringe back when I’m teaching swimming! My hair is really annoying at the moment, but I’m having it changed again next week, so you’ll see something different again! Watch this space!

Lastly, another dress to wear with flip flops, either dressy ones or casual ones.

Simplicity 🙂 I am yet to try these products on yet, but I’ll let you know how I get on and what size I officially am in H&M clothes. I’ll probably announce it in my WLB next week 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good week!

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