Benefit’s “The POREfessional” – and why I’m an MUA’s DREAM!

The POREfessional – 22ml – £23.50 from Boots

So the other day, I was walking past a Boots with a Benefit stand and I decided to pop in. I’ve heard so many good things about They’re Real! mascara that I decided to pick myself up some.

Whilst browsing around the stand and waiting to pay, the lovely MUA started chatting at me, asking if I’d found everything I was looking for, to which I replied yes, but she wanted to show me their best selling #1 primer, The POREfessional, a fabulous little layer that goes under your make up, providing skin protection from UV rays and makes your pores look less visible. Now, I have me some massive pores, so she layered a small amount on my non-made-up face (bloody swimming lessons) and I could see a difference straight away. The primer is silky to the touch, blends in nicely to the skin, fragrance-free and my pores magically seemed lessened. I was sold.

before and after shots with The POREfessional

I don’t know if you can see much difference in the photos I’ve taken with just the product applied (bloody lighting issues…), but it does make all the difference with a layer of foundation over the top. I find my skin to be less ‘bumpy’ and thick foundation, which would usually highlight my massive pores, actually doesn’t look at all that bad. I only needed about three pea sized amounts to do the whole of my face, so I have no doubt that the 22ml is going to go a very long way.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone who is concerned about lumps and bumps on their face and is looking to achieve that flawless look. I can’t rave about this enough!

And then, I went to pay. And I accidentally booked on for a ‘make up lesson’ for 14th July, so I think I’ll be purchasing some more Benefit stuff then as well. NOT ONLY THAT, but I gave my They’re Real! mascara to my Mum, because I know she doesn’t like her eyelashes too much. So the thing I went in there for, I don’t actually have so I can’t tall you anything about. What a day…


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