Budget from June 2012

I thought I’d give you a little bit of an update on my working life and what the hell is going on… And, perhaps, why my blog is lagging so much!

As you guys are probably aware, I work full time and I also have a part time job. Well, two different jobs for the same company, but one’s for an hour on Friday night and five hours on Sunday afternoon. I have decided that, after six months of working there and picking up the extra shifts, to hand in my notice, to spend some more time with Jay and the dog and to actually have some sort of weekend. It’s taken some sitting down to reach my decision because the extra money was helpful for bills and rent, as well as getting paid every two weeks, but for my own sanity, I need some sort of weekend.

I have also somewhere along the lines thought that this is now an amazing time to start saving for a holiday! What?!? So I am keeping back 16% of my pay packet (and not touching it!) so I can do something productive with it when there’s enough in there. Well done, me.

This does mean some sort of cut back. With 30% on bills and rent (not including mobile phone bill, laptop renting bill or car insurance…), that gives me (and Ozzy) 56% to live. Not bad, eh? And any extra change that I don’t spend will be going into the savings.

I unfortunately need to therefore stop buying clothes and make up. Sad face. But think, in the long run with all these savings, I might be able to buy all the clothes and make up in the world. And I’ll have all weekend to play dress up with them! Yayzers!

Of course, I still have my overtime for my full time job. But I’m using most of the overtime to earn extra holiday (which I have somehow already taken without earning it yet… woops..).

It really is hard being a grown up. I hope I win the lottery soon.

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