WLB Week 23, The Fit Bit Aria and Body Fat Percentage

Whaddup, homes? Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine 🙂 It’s been really nice weather here recently, but I’ve been working pretty hard, so no tan for me at all! Really looking forward to my day off on Saturday 🙂 So we’re at week 23. I feel like I’ve done really rubbish this year so far. I think I’ve lost almost nearly half a stone in 6 months, which isn’t really that great, is it?

This week, I ordered the Fit Bit Aria, which is the new gadget from Fit Bit. It’s a set of scales, which measures your body fat percentage and automatically uploads to your Fit Bit account right after weighing in. Good, eh? Well, for £99.99, it should walk Ozzy too! When I stepped on the new scales on Friday, after weighing myself with my normal set, it turns out my other scales were half a lb out! I was really chuffed with that; it means I’ve been at the dreaded 174lbs for a lot longer than I thought! Hooray!

Because the scales measure body fat percentage, I decided to look a whole bunch more into it to become a fitter and healthier person 🙂 Hello, Wikipedia…

  1. What the hell is body fat percentage? Well, guys, I’m glad you asked. Body fat percentage is basically the percentage of fat in your body. Duh. It’s a measure of fitness and, unlike the BMI, it doesn’t take into account your height and weight.
  2. What’s a healthy body fat percentage? Here’s a table! 🙂
  3. How do you maintain a good body fat percentage? Taken from the appropriately named ‘Fat Burning Furnace‘, they suggest six tips that’ll help you get to the body fat percentage you are meant to be. Firstly, work out with some increased intensity (if you’re obese, make sure you start on a mild work out and build it up). Secondly, reduce bad fats such as saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Thirdly, mixing up your work outs from interval or strength training, for example, as every work out has a different ‘fat burning effect’. Fourth is drink loads of water, so that your liver can help out the situation. Fifth is to do some strength training, because muscle helps your body to burn fat when it’s resting and it helps increase your metabolic rate. Lastly, and the most disappointing, is to reduce drinking alcohol. Sob.
  4. What’s my body fat percentage? I’m a bit embarrassed to reveal it, but it’ll spur me on when I do. My body fat percentage is… 38.9%, so I am officially obese. Honestly, I was expecting it, but I am still a bit disappointed that it’s so high. It’s time for me to get my butt into gear for my health!

So there we have it. More figures out in the open. And, even if I am losing weight, it doesn’t really make any real difference to my health if my body fat percentage isn’t decreasing with it. I’m going to keep this in mind with my diet from now on and hopefully, we’ll see those numbers decrease too.

This week, I’ve had a few drinking outings going on. Firstly, Jay and I had date night on Saturday, fuelled with vodka diet cokes and cider. On Sunday, it was the football, and I got suitably drunk… more than suitably drunk for a school night, but hey, it only happens once in a while. I’ve been walking around like a good’un, and I’m back on the Fit Bit trainer, that’s making me burn x amount of calories per day through activities. I still haven’t had the opportunity to really get exercising out of work hours, because I’ve had some other things going on, but I’m really hoping to get my butt into gear when everything calms down a bit everywhere 🙂 I am still on my Diet Chef, but not as strictly as I have been, due to social life. Diet Chef says you can allow for this as well, so it’s all good in the hood 🙂 I’m nearly all out of milkshakes and food isn’t falling out of my Diet Chef cupboards any more!

So how’s the graph looking?

Woot woot! Fit Bit says that this week, I have lost 1.6lbs. Yay for new scales! On Monday and today, I actually weighed less than I have for a really really long time, but I can’t decide if that was because of my dehydration from the night before or not… I also weighed myself on Tuesday evening instead of Tuesday morning, as I had to stay and look after my Mum on Monday night, so that’s a faulty reading, so I’m not too bothered about that 🙂 Something’s kicking in and working! Wooooo!

I’ve decided that, because the scales automatically upload to Fit Bit, I’m not going to actually look at the numbers when I weigh myself, so I’ll surprise myself every Wednesday too! I find that, when I have a good weigh in, I decide that I want to eat badly so I’m thinking, what I don’t know won’t hurt me. In fact, it might make me slimmer!

I’m also not working on Saturday so I’ve promised myself that I’m going to do some sort of exercise to get my butt into gear. I’m busy on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening at the moment, but all the evenings that I’m not doing something, I’m going to do something for my body fat percentage, which I am now keeping an eye on.

My aim for next week is to achieve a lower body fat percentage and to lose 2lbs to reach 170lbs. Then, it’s a round 30lbs to lose to reach my goal. And we like round numbers 🙂

How did you get on with your weight loss this week?


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