L’Oreal Super Liner

I’m quite devoted to The Body Shop. When I first started getting into make up, I used to shop there all the time. I couldn’t tell you why; maybe it was because I didn’t really have a clue about all the different foundations, lotions and potions that make up has to offer and there was always someone on hand to ask. Or maybe it was because of all The Body Shop parties my Mum used to have around her house with all the soaps shaped as animals… Ah, childhood memories…

I have been wearing The Body Shop make up since I was at university, so about seven years. I have flitted between their foundations, their soft and pigmented eyeshadows and their cheaper-than-the-well-known-YSL-version highlighter. Can you imagine my devastation as the formula for the liquid eyeliner had somehow decided to HATE my eyelid after all this time, especially as I use it near enough everyday!?! I don’t necessarily have greasy/oily eyelids, but for some reason, the eyeliner would imprint on the top of my eyelid and I would look like a panda by the end of my working day. So I hurried through the remainder of my bottle and decided to investigate into other options. This, here, is the start of my investigation.

L’Oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss – £6.49 from Boots

I don’t really use any L’Oreal stuff, be it their hair dye, shampoo or even lipglosses – there’s only one permanent product I use, which I will be talking about soon! – so after seeing on nearly everyone’s YouTube video in make up tutorials or monthly favourite blog posts, I guess I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to try it.

20120724-101533.jpgI picked mine up in Carbon Gloss, which is ‘black’ to you and I. The packaging is really super streamline and eye-pleasing; TBS one just looked like it was a pot of paint! I really absolutely loved the applicator, which was so tiny at the tip so you could make nice subtle winged eyes if you wanted, but flexible enough to make thicker lines if you were going for the Amy Winehouse look. The sponge applicator was really soft and lovely to work with; the sponge on the other one somehow shedded so there was fluff absolutely everywhere.

Isn’t it funny how you get used to one product so much that you don’t realise as many faults with it until you try something better? The product itself stayed on my eyeline all day, with very minimal (if any) smudging. And I did give it a bit of a test, considering it is now boiling in the UK, with it being 22degrees at 8.30am! Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this eyeliner enough! Here’s how it looks on my eyeballs:



Have you superlined your eyes? What is your favourite L’Oreal product? Any recommendations? 🙂


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