WLB 24 – 27: Sickness :(

I would love to say that I stayed on my diet when I was sick, but I don’t want to lie. Honestly, I just sat indoors under a duvet and ate chicken flavoured Supernoodles and chocolate bourbons, watching Jeremy Kyle and the Real Housewives of Orange County and New York 😦 My weight loss journey has taken a hit from it, obviously. I wasn’t active in the slightest for the two weeks I was off work.

This is probably going to be my shortest WLB post because I am gutted that I got sick right when I seemed to be losing the most of my weight. I know what I did wrong and I’m going to fix it so it’s all positive. Because of the way the graphs work online, I’m going to show you a month in my graph. *holds breath*

That is one steady increase in poundage, eh?! Honestly, it’s not as steep as the graph looks… Overall, I put on 1lb in one month, so it could’ve been so much worse! I could’ve put on a stone!

So what am I realistically doing to change it? I’m back on Weight Watchers to monitor how much I’m eating, which isn’t hard when it’s so hot and you don’t actually want to eat anything, but I am trying really hard to stick to my points and not go over them. It’s so easy when you’re counting what you’re eating in points than the hundreds or thousands of calories.  Surprisingly, since quitting Weight Watchers earlier this year, my points intake has decreased, meaning that I’m still on track and that I’m getting to a healthier weight. My first Weight Watchers goal is to get to under 12 stone, and to 11stone 11lbs. I’m hoping to do that before I go on holiday, so I’ve really got to push myself over the next couple of weeks. It’s only about 6lb to lose, so if I lose a healthy 2lb each week, I’ll be at that goal by holiday.

Has anyone tried the Insanity DVD work out? I have bought the Insanity DVDs for when I get back from holiday (there is not enough time for me to start the 60 day programme before I leave 😦). I am a bit nervous about them, but as soon as I start and get to counting down from 60 (or 10, if I count it down in weeks…), I’m sure it’ll be fine. What’s an hour a day of pure intense cardio anyway!? Seriously, I am really nervous, but the results look amazing and if that’s what it’s going to take, that’s what it’s going to take. Seriously, in September, I’m going to be hench.

For now, I’m back to trying to walk 10,000 or more steps a day to burn more calories, so I’m taking Ozzy for early morning walks before taking him to doggy day care and I’m parking further away from work to make myself walk more.

How have you been doing with your diet this week?


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