Glossy Box: July 2012


It seems like absolutely forever since I’ve done a Glossy Box ‘haul’ type post! I forgot to do my June one! Woops! This month, Glossy Box decided on a Festival theme, full of instant glammer-uppers (?) and keeping you looking fresh through the inevitably muddy field.


So what did I get?

20120724-200117.jpg1. Bex London Londoner Urban Fragrance.

What Glossy Box says about it: Four high concentration, modern fragrances, inspired by the unique character and idiosyncrasies of London.

What Franno says about it: I received my fragrance in SE1. It’s a really cute sample, which gives a brief description about the area as a whole and the inspiration behind it. The ‘Southbank’ was “once the centre of the capital’s spice trade and is now the home to our finest modern art, theatre and architecture”. I learned πŸ™‚ I also used to work in SE1 so I was actually secretly “yay”ing when I received this particular sample. Upon smelling the fragrance, I found it a bit masculine and it reminded me of some aftershave that Jay used to wear! It It definitely has the spicy tones to it but, as you know, I prefer my flowery perfumes, so this was not a winner for me.

2. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist.20120724-200131.jpg

What Glossy Box says about it: Gives thirsty hair and skin the moisture they crave. Helps you feel refreshed all day long.

What Franno says about it: I was a bit skeptical about using this on my skin, as Paul Mitchell are famously known for hair products! I applied on my hair as that’s what they’re known for, and my hair is feeling stupidly dry, due to the sheer amount of bleach I have used on it a few weeks ago (never go from red to blonde, readers!). Upon spritzing, the fragrance is absolutely yummy! It smells like all hairdressing products smell; you know, when you just know they are from a hairdresser and not just a random own brand one from a supermarket. I will definitely put this in my bag for those moments after swimming and when I need some refreshing in the office. There is only one fan…!

20120724-200137.jpg3. Monu Night Renewal Complex.

What Glossy Box says about it: A rich complex of actives to help smooth and firm the skin whilst you sleep.

What Franno says about it: Honestly, I’m beginning to think Glossy Box have some sort of partnership with Monu. I think I have most of their collection around my house…! The cream itself feels quite light-weight and rubs into the skin very easily and the fragrance smells very fresh As usual, I think I’ll save this sample for holiday as they’re so tiny and will not take up so much room in my suitcase! Space-savers!

4. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting.20120724-200158.jpg

What Glossy Box says about it: A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour, or cheeks for a luminous glow.

What Franno says about it: This is most definitely my favourite product in this month’s Glossy Box. Oh my goodness, it smells so delicious! It smells of bubblegum! The colour is really vibrant; my photo makes it look a bit orange, but it’s pink-red. It makes my lips super shiny. I am yet to try it on my cheeks, but it has good staying power on the lips. Although it doesn’t make my lips massively bright pink-red, there is a hint of colour, making my lips look natural, but better than natural.

20120724-200148.jpg5. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

What Glossy Box says about it: Apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter.

What Franno says about it: I don’t really know what this product does or will do. There’s not much of an explanation on the bottle, but I’m guessing an oil will always nourish whatever part of your body you put it on? It smells a lot like my Nan… So again, I’m not sure I’ll use this or repurchase this.

20120724-200153.jpgBONUS PRODUCT: Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Skin Balancing works to keep skin looking revitalised and healthy.

What Franno says about it: Yay, bonus product from a well known and respected brand! Awesome! πŸ™‚ Because they’re in satchet form, I don’t have much to say about it until I actually try it! But, if I present my Glossy Box card at a Debenhams EA counter, I’ll get some free stuff πŸ™‚ Yay!! πŸ™‚

Overall, I’m really happy with this month’s Glossy Box. There are some really relevant products to this season with the sun finally making an appearance, after a drought and a hosepipe ban within a month of each other…

What did you get in your Glossy Box this month? Are you happy with your products?


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