Song of the Week: The Mavericks

We all got a little bit emotional watching the Olympics opening ceremony. My Dad was massively patriotic and we probably would’ve had something equally as British, like we used to have our annual BBQ parties. Instead, we all got a little too drunk in the pub…

This song reminds me of my Dad. It’s quite an unusual choice, considering his collection of The Rolling Stones, The Who and Pink Floyd! It reminds me of when we were holidaying in Crete (one of our annual family holidays) and we found a karaoke bar. The thing is, the guy who chose this song was completely hammered, so we all ended up helping him out in the bar and singing along at the top of our voices! It was one of those moments where we were laughing our heads off and singing along. Every time we went in that bar, someone would be doing karaoke badly and we’d all have to help them out. And every time we went in that bar, Dad would always ask me if I wanted to sing Summer Lovin’ from Grease with him! The answer was always no which, looking back now, I kind of hate but appreciate that I was a teenager and I didn’t want to do karaoke with anyone

But here we have it. One of the happiest songs that remind me of my Dad 🙂 Happy Thursday; it’s nearly the weekend!!


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