OPI Nail Envy and NOTD

When a product is a recurring theme when I’m watching YouTube or reading blogs, I generally am like a moth to a flame. This was the case with OPI Nail Envy and luckily, it was on Buyapowa when I was considering purchasing this beast of a product!


Nail Envy (£18.65 from Boots, but it’s always on buyapowa, so keep your eyes out!) is a nail strengthener, which a maximum strength formula. I have never really had much problem with my nails apart from I like to experiment with gels, acrylics and shellacs every so often, leaving my nails weak or peeling from itself. I decided enough is enough when I started chewing my nails, something I haven’t done for years, in order to get my nails in better condition (?!?!? What is my brain thinking?!?).

I followed the Nail Envy instructions, although I’m sure they’re just like applying any other nail varnish; after all, it just smells like nail varnish… They suggest applying the strengthener twice to the nail and once every other day. The varnish goes on completely clear, which I was surprised about, seeing as it looks very cloudy in the bottle, and my nails just look as if they have clear nail varnish on. I applied the strengthener twice and already, I felt it doing some good to my nails, so I was really impressed. I am actually looking forward to putting on another coat of this bad boy, seeing as it’s doing some good already!

There’s quite a lot of product in the bottle; it looks bigger than your standard bottle of nail varnish, so I think that it will last a while, even using it every other day.

I’m still massively into the blue nail varnish look and I’ve rediscovered one of my nail varnishes, whilst sorting through my collection (which is starting to get out of hand…!). Today, I have used Barry M’s #295 Pure Turquoise (£2.99 from Boots, in a variety of colours) and I absolutely love this colour; it’s an amazing splash to brighten up a dull black outfit (black is still my favourite colour for clothing with its slimming qualities) and it’s a great colour to clash with other bolder colours – pink and turquoise is still my favourite clash pairing.


I have been loving my new Top Shop ring (£6.50 and available here) which has an Aztec feel to it. I’ve never really got into rings, but recently, I’ve bought absolutely loads, from midi rings to nail rings, in all sorts of colours. I love a good statement ring and I find that this ring is subtle enough for work, but big enough to be noticed 🙂


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