The ‘Fifty Shades’ Series

Okay, I have to admit it. I have now read all of them. I stole the following picture from Carlyn from Smoking Peaches‘ instagram and I believe it sums everything up really well.


Honestly. It’s really not very well written and, in fact, I found it a little boring and just read it so I could say I’ve read it and move onto something else. How did it get so much hype?! 

I’m not going to spoil it; I completely appreciate that everyone has different tastes and what I didn’t enjoy doesn’t mean that someone won’t love it and camp out in the queue overnight, waiting for its release at the cinema. For me, I found the first one completely intolerable with the lack of storyline; it was just sex, sex, sex. The second book was better, as we learned a little bit more about both characters and shock, horror, there was an actual story to what was going on, complemented by sex, sex, sex. I thought the third one just went back to being boring; seriously, I ended up skipping paragraphs and pages, just to find some sort of development to a storyline. Throughout all of the books, I kept thinking to myself that people do not talk like that in every day life, especially in modern times, and I had a real problem imagining exactly who they were and how they were like. And, after three books, you’d think I would have at least an idea. I was a little bit disappointed by it all and I have spoken with others about it who, like me, feel the hype is really unjust.

Have you read the ‘Fifty Shades’ series? What did you think? Would you give it as much hype as it has received?!

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