WLB Week 29

Good morning!

How are we all today? I’m still counting down my days until I’m on holiday for two weeks. This is the WLB post before my holiday!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I’m not happy at all with how this week has gone. It has been very boozy and full of pizza and junk food. I didn’t really track on my Weight Watchers tracker, which was a massive downfall. Because my points allowance has gone down, it kind of hasn’t sunk in that I can’t eat as much as I did when I was on the Weight Watchers diet before.

I also haven’t turned on my new Fit Bit yet, just because I figured I wouldn’t use it at all on holiday, so I might as well wait until I come home! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been walking as much as I did before. I have been walking absolutely everywhere!

This week, I surprisingly feel thinner than I have done in previous weeks and I feel like I’ve been fitting my clothes much better. So that’s a plus 🙂 Here’s the weight graph for this week:

Not such a steady increase, but an increase nonetheless. Sad face. I put on 0.9lbs this week, so not quite 1lb but still, not a loss.

Next week, I’m on holiday, so I won’t be weighing myself every day, like I do at home, however I am bringing my iPad, so I’ll still be tracking all of my eats on the Weight Watchers app. I’m trying to stay away from those weekly points as much as physically possible, but Spanish measures of alcohol are sure to push me over the edge.

I am planning on swimming a lot on holiday, as we’re staying in a villa that has a pool so there’s no real excuse. In fact, it’ll give me more points for more eats and drinks on holiday, so I’ll be swimming as soon as I’m burning in the sun! I CAN’T WAIT!

How’d you do with your weight loss this week?


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