Song of the Week: OPM

By the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll be on a sun lounger, topping up my tan 🙂 Thank God for scheduling posts! I have taken my iPad with me on hol, so you’ll still see me on Instagram (@frannooooo) and Twitter (@frannooooo), so I’ll still be around technologically.

I’ve had this particular song in my head for about a week now and it’s driving me insane! It reminds me of being about 14 or 15 and being obsessed with Kerrang! (yes, I was one of those kids… Typically driving my Mum around the bend!)

As it happens, it’s not the worst song I have ever listened to and got stuck in my head. So now, I’m doing you guys the favour of getting it stuck in your’s 🙂 Here’s OPM with ‘Heaven is a Halfpipe’. Apologies for the bad language!

EVERYBODY NOW! If I die before I wake… At least in heaven I can skate…

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