Glossy Box: August Edition

Another month, another Glossy Box post. Sorry for the delay in this post; I’ve been on holibobs! I was really excited to see this box settled on my doorstep – a lovely surprise for me to open up when I got home 🙂 This month was to celebrate all the international Glossy Boxes, where each office sent an item to represent their own subscription and country. I think the only link to this particular theme may have been the Olympics – didn’t we do an awesome job, by the way??

Here’s what the box looked like and what I thought of this month’s box.


20120827-192315.jpg1. From Germany: Alessandro Pro White:

What GB says about it: Optically brightening nail polish with anti-yellowing formula for radiant white and gleaming nails

What Franno says about it: I don’t really understand what this product is meant to do and I don’t think I’d ever use a product like this. I have my own nail polish routine, using the Nail Envy to strengthen my nails and, when I change my nail polish, I give my nails a day off to breathe. I went to the website to find out more information, and it appears that this product is particularly useful for French manicure type nails, which I generally don’t use anyway! Any takers?

20120827-192319.jpg2. From Italy: Valentino Valentina Assoluto, Eau de Parfum

What GB says about it: This perfume is an intentionally seductive, intense, beautiful feminine fragrance.

What Franno says about it: This perfume reminds me of a Dior perfume, I can’t remember the name of it. It is floral and fruity, but a little too overpowering for me to wear on a daily basis as I prefer quite light scents…

20120827-192325.jpg3. From Japan: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

What GB says about it: This revolutionary water-soluble cleanser is better than any other make-up remover you’ve ever tried

What Franno says about it: I think, so far in my Glossy Box, this is one of the products that I will use. It’s fragrance-free and I’m lucky in that I don’t really have sensitive skin so I’m willing to give it a good go 🙂 I don’t really use watery cleansers on my face, as I find they make my skin a little oily, but we’ll try this one anyway.

20120827-192330.jpg4. From Spain: Vera Valenti L’Ombre a Paupiere Margarita

What GB says about it: An eyeshadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included.

What Franno says about it: I was really disappointed with this product. I don’t believe this to be a ‘luxurious’ product, as Glossy Box is meant to provide. It looks more like face paint than eyeshadow, and that’s on first appearance before trying any of the eyeshadows. Benefit of the doubt, Franno… I found it really difficult to get a good swatch from my finger with this palette, so I used the applicator (which I wouldn’t use usually) to see how the eyeshadows felt. The applicator doesn’t work. Very disappointed with this product.

20120827-192336.jpg5. From the UK: Lipcote

What GB says about it: The Original Lipstick Sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick.

What Franno says about it: I’ve actually picked this up recently to review for my blog, so it’s a little frustrating for me! Ha! But I am glad that Glossy Box has put in a product that is a little more well known into this box.

20120827-192341.jpg6. Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink

What GB says about it: Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour.

20120827-192346.jpgWhat Franno says about it: It seems like Glossy Box put in an extra product when they know they have a particularly rubbish product in the box. I actually really like this lipstick. It’s a lovely natural colour and it has really awesome staying power, so I’m really chuffed to have received it in my box. It’s in my make up bag already.

Overall, I am really not thrilled with my Glossy Box this month and have ultimately decided to cancel my subscription from Glossy Box for right now. As you guys know, if you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve been umming and ahhing about cancelling my subscription for quite some time and, realistically, I shouldn’t be paying for a box that I don’t think I’ll enjoy when it gets here. The box is meant to reflect luxurious brands available in the market, but I haven’t heard of 99% of the products that have been in any of my Glossy Box subscriptions. Although it has helped me discover some new brands, that I will probably repurchase, this beauty box does not reflect value for money.

I have subscribed to another beauty box that I will review as soon as it’s arrived on my doorstep – so far, it’s been dispatched, but has taken 10 days to get here; not looking good, is it?! – and from reading reviews about the next beauty box, I think the brands used are more well known and probably worth the monthly subscription, which is the same cost as Glossy Box’s.

What did you get in your Glossy Box this month?


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