Witch Tinted Moisturiser

We all have spotty days (or in my case, weeks) and sometimes, I just feel like make up makes it appear a whole lot worse or even makes a spot look completely massive on my face. So I’m looking at a new way of approaching these demon-clogged pores.

I used to use Witch tea tree oil products all the time when I had acne as a teenager and, although it stung the open wounds (Mum would tell me not to pick…), it generally helped my then oily and spot-prone skin to become my normal skin today. There are a tonne more products available now compared to what was then available (about ten years ago, why am I so old now!?) and I thought I’d have a look at the tinted moisturiser for that ‘I don’t have make up on, but I want a tan’ look that I so desperately desire on a daily basis.

I am aware that the cream doesn’t match my skin tone, but somehow it works on my face!

I picked up Witch in shade 02 Medium. I have never used a tinted moisturiser before, so I don’t have anything to compare the Witch one to but the moisturiser is very thick and is low coverage (as you’d expect, it’s not foundation!) but it gave me a bit of a healthy glow. There isn’t much scent to this, but a slight tea tree fragrance which isn’t as overpowering as you might expect. This product isn’t as moisturising as my normal moisturiser, and in fact, it felt a bit sticky on my face half way through the day. Nevertheless, the look stayed flawless and matte, and I would probably use this again on one of my swimming teaching days in the water or days where I can’t really be bothered with doing my make up… I have found from using the moisturiser daily that it does dry my spots out and makes them a whole lot easier to handle when they are in stupidly obvious places. Such as the one that’s on my chin on the moment, that I have named Frank and has a pulse…

Everyone say hi to Frank! My face today using only the Witch tinted moisturiser.

Have you ever tried Witch? Which are your favourite spot-busting products?


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