Small (almost tiny!) MAC Haul

I don’t really spend much money as I should on Mac, but I generally ask for Mac stuff for Christmas and birthdays, as my wage generally doesn’t cover it and my nearest Mac is a drive over a river on a bridge towards Bluewater! But the other day, I was rummaging through my birthday presents that I had received back in April and I found a Bluewater gift card from the Barwicks, so I decided to go all the way to Bluewater to spend it on some goodies that I have been wanting from Mac for ages.

Sometimes, I just look at the Mac stand and get completely overwhelmed. That day was one of those moments. I didn’t even know where to start! But I knew that I needed this eyeshadow. Wood winked. I have seen it on so many other blogs and I knew I would love it as soon as I laid my eyes on it. In fact, since I’ve bought it, I’ve worn it every single day! It’s a neutral tone with a very slight shimmer and I have found that it really helps for my eyes to appear bluer, which I love 🙂 IT’S SO PRETTY!!


The second eyeshadow I bought was on a whim, because it didn’t really have any reputation and I hadn’t heard of it before, but I thought it was still just as pretty 🙂 This is Knight Divine by Mac, which is silvery shimmery awesomeness and I bought this one because I thought it would make a completely amazing smokey eye for when I head out on the town.


Next, onto the lippys and I was desperate to get Girl About Town as my next Mac purchase. This is an Amplified finish, which means the colour is super bold, amazingly moisturising, and this shade is matte, so it’s amazing for day time or night time. I’ll probably save this for a night-time look to be honest though, as it’s a little too crazy for the office! The colour is also really long lasting, and I am really impressed with it!


My fourth and final purchase was another random one. It’s another lippy, called Milan Mode, which again, I hadn’t heard much about but the second I saw it, I wanted it 🙂 The finish is Lustre, so super creamy and again amazingly moisturising, but this one is so much more wearable for the day, a little bit sheerer and the colour is no where near as strong as Girl About Town.


I am really chuffed with these new additions to my ever-growing make up collection and I’m sure I’m going to reach the end of Milan Mode and Woodwinked really quickly, because that’s all I seem to be wearing at the moment!


I’m still going through my lipstick phase and trying to find a whole bunch more, but right now, I am definitely leaning towards the pinkier shades! So this year, I’ve probably bought all of my lipsticks that are currently in my collection! Ha! But I am looking to find some more amazing new colours that might suit me, so I’m asking you! What’s your favourite lipstick or lipsticks? What’s your favourite shades?


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