L’Oreal Mythic Oil

So, about four months ago, when I was having my hair cut, my hairdresser recommended that I get some oil for my hair. I don’t know anything about hair in the slightest. All I know is that I dye it and change it quite frequently, and when I’m teaching in a swimming pool, it gets ruined and, as she’s a professional, I decided to take her advice! With all the hype that’s going around about Moroccan oil (and with how expensive it is), my hairdresser recommended purchasing some L’Oreal Mythic Oil – and lucky for me, it was on the cheap(er) on buyapowa šŸ™‚


I have been using the Mythic Oil since she told me to use it, really. I use one pump of the oil (because I still have short hair) and run it through my hair when it’s damp or, if I’ve forgotten about it, I’ll just apply it when it’s dry. I sometimes even put it on my ends when I haven’t washed my hair but my hair’s feeling dry, but we all know that when you have split ends, you need a hair cut! No product is going to cure them bad boys, folks.

Oh my goodness. What a difference to my hair this beauty has made! Not only does it feel soft and shiny, it smells pretty darn good and I feel like my hair is more hydrated, meaning that I don’t see as many split ends for ages up until my next hair adventure! Hooray! What’s amazing about this bottle of stuff is that, although I’ve been using it twice to three times a week for four months, I am no where near the middle of the bottle! This stuff is going to last me forever! I love it so much, I bought a spare bottle when it was back on buyapowa recently.

Seeing as I haven’t actually tried the Moroccan Oil (darn budgeting…), I can’t really compare it to that stuff, but I have heard pretty good things and I think that L’Oreal Mythic Oil may be a keen contender to the legendary product. Because it’s so much cheaper, you’ve got nothing to lose to try it! Now, form an orderly queue…

One thought on “L’Oreal Mythic Oil

  1. I use the Moroccan Oil and I love it. Like you, I use it every day and my hair feels better than ever. I’ve never tried the Mythic Oil, so I don’t know how they would be different. I may have to try the Mythic when the Moroccan runs out and report in to you. šŸ™‚

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