WLB Week 33

So, there have been some changes to my current lifestyle that I’m hoping will aid my weight loss. Due to some personal reasons, I have decided to reduce my hours at my current full time job. This has resulted in some time to myself to get my head down and think sensibly about some food choices.

I have started the OMG! diet, as per my last WLB post, but I haven’t done it as extreme as I was hoping to. This is due to my sheer lack of organisation! Haha. What I have been doing is skipping on breakfast and ‘hunting and waiting’ for any meals. I have cut down on all of my snacking and I have been trying to eat a whole bunch healthier as well.
In terms of exercise, because of all my spare time, I have been able to fit in some more personal training sessions. I’m going to be swimming after my swimming lessons during the week as well. I also had a fitness test at a personal training session this week, and I actually surprised my results because I’m not as unfit as I thought I was! I learned a bit about lean weight and fat weight, and the trainer gave me some tips to help me out.

Overall, I’m completely chuffed with my progress this week, but the results are in the numbers. Here we go…

Seriously, I have no idea what happened this week. I tried a hell of a lot harder with stuff, and it has just encouraged my weight to increase. I don’t understand. But I’m going to keep at it with the exercise and the eating better and hopefully, next week, we’ll see a huge weight loss.

Obstacles in my way for this week are:

  1. Heading up to London for some drinks with some old ex-colleagues. Although, I’m not planning on drinking much, so I should be able to control this as long as I eat dinner before I head up there 🙂
  2. Lady Ga Ga gig on Saturday. Yes, my friends. I’m going to see the legendary Lady Ga Ga on Saturday day/night and I am expecting to drink more than I am when I head to London! I just have to be sensible and it’ll all be fine!

Things to change for this week are:

  1. Keep exercising. Seriously, I am really chuffed with my progress this week on the exercise front. Although you won’t see a difference properly for a few weeks, I feel really motivated to keep going, especially because I don’t have any excuses.
  2. Keep eating well. I just have to be well behaved with no slip ups! No more takeaways!
  3. Keep motivated. I have to keep monitoring my progress to continue to keep motivated. I’m thinking of putting some before and after photos up here, and I think the before photos will continue to keep me going, as I don’t want to look like this anymore.

How did you do with your weight loss this week? How do you keep motivated to exercise?


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